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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/18/2006 6:46:11 PM EST
Had some strange spots in my Bushy 1/9 16" chrome lined bore I couldn't seem to get out. Usually use regular Hoppes No.9 and a few runs of the Bore Snake.... but these spots started appearing and although not getting worse, they wouldn't go away. I dont use BF-CLP on my barrel, because I've never had good success with it cleaning in the past. I tend to believe it lacks in the cleaning area. Decided to try some new cleaning stuff this afternoon-

- Butch Triple Twill Cleaning Patches
- Hoppes Bore Snake
- Hoppes Elite Bore Gel
- Break Free Carbon Cutter

1. Ran a patch through with BF Carbon Cutter, let sit 5 minutes
2. Ran dry patch (wow a lot of fouling broke free and the gun was cleaned with No.9 prior to putting away)
3. Ran Bore Snake to make sure everything was cleared out
4. Ran a patch through with Hoppes Elite Bore Gel, let sit 5 minutes
5. Ran dry patch (it was caked dark greenish/blue)
6. Ran a patch through with Hoppes Elite, let sit 15 minutes
7. Ran dry patch (still caked dark green/blue)
8. Repeated dry patches a few times
9. Ran the Bore Snake, then a dry patch once more to check
10. Examined bore, everything was spotless and shiny like a mirror

I gotta say, these new patches work better than the cotton ones, they pick up a lot more gunk that's for sure... I actually compared these Butch's Triple Twill to the Hoppes and KleenBore patches, and they are a lot better and actually cheaper @ $10.50 for 1000... Also the Hoppes Elite Bore Gel seems to work better on the copper than the KleenBore copper solvent I have.

- rem

Link Posted: 1/18/2006 7:01:44 PM EST

also I believe BF-CLP is only 20% solvent (Royco being 40%)
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 11:10:07 AM EST
thanks for the info. i think im gonna have to try some of the hoppes bore gel
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