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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/1/2006 10:49:03 AM EST
[Last Edit: 4/1/2006 11:26:29 AM EST by fxntime]
Bought 4 cans of Aussie [200 rd count] 308 on strippers and bandos today. $35 per 200. Did pretty decent on that. Also got some linked Port in cans and some Malasian [$25 per 180 linked, tracers removed] Anyone shot the Malasian stuff? Pretty clean stuff, nice and shiny. Know the 5.56 was pretty good. Headstamped Mal 11/83 7.62. Any accuracy results from anyone shooting it in the past?

Talked to one of the dealers in surplus biz. He stated that AIM is pretty much the only place to go to get SA 7.62x51 and they told him recently that as a surplus dealer he would not be able to get it much longer. I think they will have some on hand for their own sales but it looks as if it might be drying up. If you want it, get it now. He had no reason to lie to me as I order direct from AIM on that and he knows it.

Almost no 7.62x39 there except for some corrosive MFS stuff. It's coming in but goes out just as fast to fill backorders. [think we knew that]

Still some 30/06 out there, but the prices are now nutz. $139 to $149 per 384 to 400 rounds. Crazy as it was about 50-60% of that not all that long ago.

Heard several dealers complaining that nothing is coming in to replace what they have now. Stocks of what they had were a lot smaller then even a few months ago, and they are searching for something to replace what they are used to selling.

My ammo reloader friend [12 years] said component costs are going nuts also and he will be hard pressed to keep in business if it keeps up. He'll reload for me still but I also bring my brass back and he reloads MY brass for me.

Take some of this for what you will, but I have know these guys for years and they are not happy about what is going on with some of the usual surplus ammo. A few of the guys were not even there this time and I was told they had basically nothing to sell. Youch!

Good 5.56 was NON EXISTANT!!! YIP ZERO NADA. 855PD and the off brand stuff was about IT. Waste of time looking for it.

To the guy that passed on the Aussie Ammo after fingering it for 10 minutes and trying to talk the dealer down [he was going out of Biz] HA HA!!!!!! The minute you walked away, you lost out!!!

Link Posted: 4/1/2006 10:53:48 AM EST
Which show?

Good pickups BTW!
Link Posted: 4/1/2006 11:02:12 AM EST
Lansing Mi [Mason Fairgrounds] Bought all the Aussie up the guy had at that price. Bought some last time also but all he had was one can by the time I found it. This was the last of his ammo and his table was empty. Ammunition Store had some linked Port also at 49.95 per can. He was about the only one else with any 308 except one of my regular dealers who had some SA at $28.95 per pack. He's raised his price a bit but I only saw 2 cans and he usually has a lot more of it. Have a feeling that some of the guys are rationing the popular stuff a bit while they search the pipeline for more.
Link Posted: 4/2/2006 10:18:53 AM EST
Is the Malasian stuff steel core or steel jacketed? Attracts a magnet VERY strongly. Anyone shot this? Comparable to what? if you have.
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