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Posted: 10/20/2004 4:06:39 AM EDT
Now that the AWB has expired, I would like to do something about the basketball-sized gout of flame that comes out of the end of my varmint barrel with some loads. On the rare occasions when I fire the gun at dusk, it is like having a flashbulb go off in my face, and is somewhat disorienting.

Should I have the muzzle turned down and threaded to take a Phantom or a Vortex? How much would it cost?

Or can I put a JP brake on the barrel and expect it to reduce flash? (as perceived by the shooter. I am much more interested in not being dazzled than in not being seen)

I've also considered getting one of those 0.920" muzzle brakes that Volquartsen makes for the 10/22,

although I wonder if it would hold up on an AR, and could be mounted securely enough to prevent it from being launched downrange.

Link Posted: 10/20/2004 8:26:36 AM EDT
Head over to Kurt's Kustom forum. He's got a special for threading BBL's $35 for standard size FS. He could even make you a special BB stainless FS for a price. Post your ? in his form and he should reply, it's almost the best way to get ahold of him.
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