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Posted: 10/22/2004 8:07:23 PM EDT
Guys: I was wondering if their were any effects on bullet velocity or accuracy from adding a flash hider. I know that a compensator will often decrease velocity not to mention the increase in db towards the shooter, however I have not found published data (accuracy or chrono) on barrels with and without a flash hider. I would be interested in comparison data that any of you have gathered or observations that you have made. -- The reason why I ask this is that I have a 20" Post Ban Colt HBAR that I am considering adding the "evil" features. The rifle has a crowned bbl with no muzzle device and is a real shooter. I don't want to sacrifice any long range accuracy with any mods that are made. The scoped rifle weighs in at 11 pounds unloaded and is quite cumbersome (imo) so I have to determine whether to commit this rifle for long range use (with long range mods only) or lighten the bbl and configure as a fighting rifle.

Thanks in advance for any data, comments or ideas. -- MT --
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