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Posted: 10/31/2004 2:48:07 AM EDT
After getting involved in some three gun matches I decided to build an AR.  I was competitive with my FAL due to rules (AR's had to double tap while .308's didn't, he he) but I decided I still wanted an AR.  Well, I got my LAR Grizzly lower but now I have numerous questions on where to go from there.

1.  What are the benefits of a Chrome lined barrel vs non chrome.  My understanding is that chrome is easier to clean and has increased lifespan.  Is that correct?  Non chrome is suppossedly more accurate.  How much?

2.  What is the weight difference between an HBar and a standard contour?

3.  I still live in a assault weapons ban state (NY) so I either have to go with a target crown vs muzzle brake.  Muzzle break generally creates more flash as I understand it.  I'm going to build with a 20 inch barrel so how much muzzle flash is there from a non braked 20 inch barrel?  In a 223 how much difference does a muzzle brake make.  What are the benefits of either configuration.

Thanks in advance for the help

Link Posted: 10/31/2004 3:01:48 AM EDT
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