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Posted: 9/11/2004 5:04:42 AM EDT
I recently aqquired a Oly plinker model AR-15 (yeah I know, cast uppers suck but the price was right and it's my first AR). I thought that I'd celebrate the fall of the AWB so I ordered myself a complete pre-ban upper from Model 1 Sales. When money gets better, I plan on getting a forged lower to complete the package but for now at least I have my forged upper! I can see that this is going to be addictive. Oh yeah, I also bought a 6 pos stock to keep things compact. Can't wait to get to the range!
Link Posted: 9/11/2004 5:06:06 AM EDT
I thought Oly plinkers also had cast lowers? or is that a newer model?
Link Posted: 9/11/2004 5:32:14 AM EDT
They have cast uppers and lowers. I've read stories from both people who have had no problems and people with alot of problems. I want a rifle that can take the abuse if needed. In the end I'll have a completely forged rifle for SHTF and a plinker to do just what the name suggests.
Link Posted: 9/11/2004 6:10:21 AM EDT
welcome to the fold.

what you will find, i think, is that ars are extremely cool. i personally didn't go the oly route and have heard both good and bad regarding 'em, but since if it looks like a black rifle, it's a black rifle. see what it'll do at the range. i don't think you could piss the difference in a cast or forged gun myself. if you treat it like you'd treat your nice deer rifle and don't go dropping it out of the pickup or anything like that, i think you're going to be fine.

when i first got my rra 16" gun, one fine morning i took it for a stroll at the ranch after i'd sighted it in at the range.

rra 16" - $325 after trading off some safe queens gathering dust, two of which i'd never even shot...

didn't see any pigs, which is what i was looking for, and after about an hour walking around, i came back to the ranch house. on the way back, i was approaching the back side of a stock tank (stock pond, for all the yankees out there...) and spied a chunk of limestone minding it's own business in the middle of the dam. i was about 50-60 yards away, drew a bead on it, squeezed the trigger and busted the rock in half. cool. then i chased one of the halves up the dam with repeated fire. hm, i thinks to meself... this thing needs a scope.

acog - $700

then, later in the season, after i'd tagged 2 coyotes with the rifle/scope combo, i discovered you can get camo furniture for 'em from quanitco arms.

furniture - $80

then, tiring of the stiff as crap trigger which came stock, i invested in a rra 2 stage match trigger.

badass trigger - $90

group size decreased instantly to 1" from the bench. so i ordered a case of ammo from wholesale hunter and got a couple of 10 rd. bushmaster mags to play with it further at the range.

ammo - $98
mags - $25

i'm shooting really excellent groups at this point, the rifle is very consistent. nice function, great looks, and the pigs at the ranch are quaking in their hooves. went pig hunting again, popped a 125 lb. sow in the bean at 150+ yards. she drops like a stone. 70lbs. worth of meat for the freezer, since it was a head shot, we got superb ribs too, brother bill simply started gathering firewood when i come back from the bush with blood on my hands. fresh pork ribs for lunch. a friend of his comes over for a saturday midday beer.

"great ribs! where'd you get 'em?"

"south pasture about 0630 hours. they might have been powering the pig that fupped up your garden last night..."

"how'd you know pigs got into my garden last night?"

"somehow it makes the meat taste better, don't you think?"

"yup. gimme 'nother rib." god, i love rural texans.

then, of course, i go back to the next gun show, and discover a sale on bm 10 rounders, and get five of 'em.

10 rd. mags - $70

and discover a harris bi-pod

bipod - $100

take my non-gun-freak friend (trying to educate america one person at a time regarding the best battle rifle in the world) to the range. he runs 2 mags through the rra and checks his groups through the spotter. "this is amazing. really. no recoil like the .30-06. just as accurate and you can do follow up shots no problem... hm. how much was this thing again?"

we go to the next gun show, and i see my buddy talking to the rra dealer there. he comes back with a shit-eating grin and a stripped lower. "it's like smallpox or something... very contagious..."

now he's looking around for a rifle kit for a decent price. since he's spoiled to acogs, i know what's next after that.

yup, it's going to get expensive up there in pa. amigo. have fun...
Link Posted: 9/11/2004 12:06:19 PM EDT
Glad I'm not he only one! I find myself really wanting an ACOG but funds don't allow it right now. Maybe next year, there's always tax returns!
Link Posted: 9/11/2004 12:16:45 PM EDT

Originally Posted By rockytherotty:
I thought Oly plinkers also had cast lowers? or is that a newer model?

The original Plinkers had cast upper and lower receivers. The new "Plinker Plus" model, which replaces the now defunct Plinker, has forged upper and lower receivers.

Congrats on the new AR, pa-gunslinger!
Link Posted: 9/12/2004 6:49:13 AM EDT
Looks like mine is the older one so I guess it's good that I've started to upgrade.
Link Posted: 9/12/2004 9:23:44 PM EDT

Originally Posted By pa-gunslinger:
Looks like mine is the older one so I guess it's good that I've started to upgrade.

Also remember that oly will remake your lower into a forged one for $150.
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