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Posted: 10/19/2004 5:24:38 PM EDT
First heres a little background. I ordered a M1S car15 kit after the AWB ends so i can have a rifle with all of the evill features. And a week later it arrives and im as happy as one could be. So i go ont he hunt for a lower. So i called a local gun store to see if they had any lowers. They say that they can order a RRA lower for about 110 and a weeks wait. So I go down there after having to call repeatedly for dirrections because the guy there gave me bad ones and so i get there and the guy quotes 135 now, so I get it anyways, for convenience. And so I call him to check on my order and he says it will be in in 2 weeks now. I call again and he says 4-6 weeks. Now Im pissed. So I call him about cancelinmg my order and he says i can. So I go to find a lower at a gun show and I hind a Mega lower for a 100 so i buy it on the spot. So I go home to build it after buying some ammo. So I start to build it, every thing is going great until I get to the trigger. It was a shit trigger and the gun would not go together with it. So now I had to wait another week for M1S to send me a new trigger. In which I got today and so i finished it up and now I have my second AR15. Although its a little stiff sence i havent shot it yet. And its a very tight gun. And when you pull the trigger the trigger pin rolls Im not sure if thats normal. If you gget a M1S kit I would recommend get in bushmaster trigger parts. Cant wait to shoot it, but i cant until next week sense im going hunting.
Link Posted: 10/19/2004 5:26:20 PM EDT
I don't think the triggers pins are suppost to walk.
Link Posted: 10/19/2004 5:30:01 PM EDT
It walked some stoped and now its just turning/rolling.
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