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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 11/24/2003 3:04:03 PM EDT
Does anyone have experience with the Featherweight AR15 (FAR-15)? I'm considering buying one but need some pros vs. cons advice. What difference will I see with a regular 7 pound AR-15 vs. a 4.9 pound FAR-15 other than weight? Will I experience more recoil? Is it less accurate? Thanks in adavance.

Link Posted: 11/24/2003 4:55:08 PM EDT
I've shot lightweight AR's (Para Ordinance's Carbon 15) and it does recoil more than a standard AR15. It is nothing that can't be dealt with but I'd strongly recommend some kind of recoil pad on the buttstock, especially if you're gonna go blasting.
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 5:53:12 PM EDT
You guy(s) have got to be kidding. Recoil of the .223 round is nill to begin with. If you nancy boys are concerned about the recoil then maybe you should stick to your 10/22's. After all, you wouldn't want to knock a retina loose with all that bone crushing, slobber knockin' recoil, would ya'? [:)]
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 7:09:12 PM EDT
I have built my 5.5 pound R6530 up into a more capable but heavier 8-9 pound rifle. I'm just approximating as I haven't weighed it, but the majority of this weight come from the SureFire M952. (The rest is an Aimpoint M2 and RASII.) The 5.5 pound R6530 (with collapsable stock) is "snappy" -- the barrel wants to flip up more than the improved (i.e., barrel heavy) carbine. But that's about it. I wouldn't call either of these carbines "heavy" in recoil. I don't perceive more push in the shoulder. BTW, the barrel flip can be compensated for with an aggressive stance. In fact, I have to admit that I like the barrel flip of the lightweight carbine. It makes the rifle feel alive in your hands. But then again, I also ride a high end steel roadbike, so feel is very important to me. Don't worry about the "recoil" in a 5.56 AR15 carbine.
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 8:56:47 PM EDT
While you may notice a bit more recoil it will still be mild. The biggest drawback to me is that the light rifle is less steady from any feild position, and body tremor or 'wobble' has less mass to slow that 'wobble' down. A heavy rifle sort of "hangs there in space" and you get your wobbly ass behind it. (that's the theory anyway). Try shooting a 12 to 15 pound sniper rifle and you will see what I mean, they just WANT to shoot steady. Of course the advantage of the light rifle is that it is easier to carry. Original A1 Rifles weighted about 6 pounds, now with heavy barrels, lights, fancy rails, lasers, optics, you name it hanging on rifles they can easily top 10 pounds for a field rifle. I like them light and simple myself, but you need at least one tricked out AR too!
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 9:48:25 AM EDT
I notice a big difference in firing an M4 and an SPR from the bench the added weight really reduces felt recoil. The lighter guns do have a snappier recoil. But you don't have to carry around as much weight either, (there's always a tradeoff.)
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 1:39:16 PM EDT
With the lighter weight rifles, a forward grip can be very beneficial in controlling the snappiness..
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 1:51:48 PM EDT
ARs have recoil?
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 1:58:34 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 11/25/2003 2:01:23 PM EDT by Green0]
That push you feel in full auto is called recoil. I've heard a lot of comparisons but last I looked .22lrs didn't push me anywhere. (with .22lr in full auto the only disturbing thing is the effort it takes to paint smiley faces on the target at 7yds)
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 2:12:55 PM EDT
If he's was talking full auto...that'd be a different discussion.
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 2:42:10 PM EDT
It's feels stupid to debate this but if you feel a push you are feeling recoil. Just because it isn't painful does not mean it is not recoil. There are ways to make your rifle function with less recoil (which is desired as far as I am concerned). By the same token if you want more recoil just open your gas port, walla more recoil (If you buy a Model1Sales 11.5in SS upper you will experience an ar that kicks like a 1894 lever action in 3030. - not good for the parts but a PRI tube or ajustable gas block would probably have solved that) It was reliable it just kicked like a mule.
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