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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/30/2002 3:04:36 PM EST
All you Mauser guys:

What's your favorite? Did it come on stripper clips?
Link Posted: 9/30/2002 3:37:45 PM EST
Yugo ammo - great, shot hundreds of rounds of it.

Romanian - Shoots well, some is reloadable, but not worth the effort as you need a European sized primer. Treat is as if it were corrosive.

Equidor - Well, have you ever heard of anything good from Equidor. Some is Ok, some isn't.

East German - good plinking ammo, great in the MG-34

Turk - good plinking ammo, works great in the MG. Shoots fine in some Mausers, but in most Mausers you will need to do a $3 front sight replacement. Just install a high front sight. Not match ammo, but shoots well most of the time. Some of the strippers are good, some are throw away. Corrosive

Chinese - Junk

S&B. I have some of their older stuff from a few years ago. Since then they have had quality control problems. I have stayed away from it. Its good ammo, full power military load.

Norma - Very good, full power load, but expensive.

Lapua - The best of all. I don't think they make it any more, but I picked up 135 boxes at $5 each. (Figure retail of about $25 - $30)

Egypt - Most guys report problems with this ammo. I personally have never had any problem with it but consider myself lucky. Most problems were due to bad storage. Good full power military load. Corrosive like Egyptian.

All American made ammo is very under loaded. I avoid it. If I want underpowered ammo I would just buy a smaller caliber. Most people report decent accuracy with it though.

I do best with my handloads with 185 grain Corelocked soft points.

Thats all that I can think of right now.
Link Posted: 9/30/2002 5:54:34 PM EST
Thanks for the comprehensive list, ober.
Link Posted: 10/1/2002 5:54:30 AM EST
No Problem, just wish I could remember more.
Link Posted: 10/1/2002 6:35:14 AM EST
Just went thru 3,600+ rounds of Turkish 8mm in a Browning and all fired on the first hit except for 4 that needed a second hit. This stuff also works great in Turkish and Yugo mausers.
The best best best 8mm by far is the Romanian steel case in the 360rd tins. I've put thousands of rounds thru multiple MGs and mausers and never had a dud. Most everyone is out of stock on these but they were selling for $45 per case.
The steel case German WW2 stuff is also very good but cannot be found in bulk anywhere.
The copper wash German stuff would not work in mausers or MG42/MG34. Works great in Vickers, Brownings and Maxim type MGs.
The Yugo brass case is pretty good in MGs too but some mausers have problems as the primer is seated deeper than normal. Some bolt guns work and some won't.
Forget about the Equadoran stuff unless you plan on pulling them to reuse the components.
Link Posted: 10/1/2002 9:03:54 AM EST
Just picked up another 4 cases of Turk today. The MG-34 god is hungary. I have had 1 Turk round not fire, and it was out of a Mauser. Have probably shot 15,000 rounds of it. 12,000 from the MG, the rest trough various Mausers.

Just use the usual corrsive ammo cleaning methods and you will be fine.
Link Posted: 10/9/2002 4:01:39 AM EST
For all the 8mm shooters, Oct flyer special at Century:

AM1001- Ammo 8mm Turkish. Corrosive, Berdan Primed. 1400rd/case.

Was $75.57/M Now $49.87/M

If you get 10+ cases, you can insist that they ship the sealed wooden cases. Otherwise, they just ship the bandoliers. Shipping would be more with the wooden cases but better for long term storage (if you need that).
Link Posted: 10/9/2002 12:31:02 PM EST
I actually have had pretty good luck with the Equadorian stuff. A few need a second hit, but not more than 5% from the lot I have.

Accuracy has been better then expected. Only downside it that it has extremely heavy recoil (compaired to Turk at least). Big upside is it comes on really nice stripper clips.
Link Posted: 10/9/2002 3:00:59 PM EST
The Turk ammo has a lighter bullet etc. than the Equadorian ammo. That will account for the lighter recoil.

I am not sure why the Turks thought it best to go with a non-standard weight in the caliber. It will still do the job though.
Link Posted: 10/9/2002 3:05:21 PM EST
Turk or Ecuadorian.. great blasting ammo. I love to recoil on both. It makes the Yugo ammo feel weak.

Link Posted: 10/10/2002 10:40:46 AM EST
I have only had 1 shipment of Ecuadorian ammo, and I have only shot about 300 rounds out of it, but I would say close to 100 needed 2 hits, and about 10 wouldn't fire after 2 hits (so I didn't try more than that). The ammo is steel jacketed I believe, or it is just that color.

The entire shipment has been pretty consistant though, and it is the first 8mm I bought, so it put a bad impression on me. I have gone through 20 rounds of Turkish N/C Ammo and no problems yet.

Not a high volume 8mm shooter, but just my .02
Link Posted: 10/10/2002 11:13:01 AM EST
GoNavy, if you are shooting the turk ammo that comes in bandoliers and stripper clips it is corrosive. You better go clean your rifle again!
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