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Posted: 10/2/2004 6:41:05 PM EDT
I have only recently discovered this board and am interested in purchasing an "M4gery" type rifle with a civilian length 16" barrel. I was interested in the Colt LE 6920, but I note from another topic that the marketing genius of General Keys is on display again in that Colt does not intend to sell this item to mere civilians - ban or no ban. As I live in a extreme "left of center" state (Maryland) that is chomping at the bit to enact its own AWB now that the federal one is gone, I would prefer not to own anything marked "LE Only" - it's easier not to have to explain the whole legislative history thing to some local LEO who has no interest in hearing it as he seizes my rifle and takes me into custody. So, I am looking at the Rock River Arms Entry Tactical No Ban model #AR1251. I would welcome any comments on the quality, reliability, desireability of this weapon and RRA in general. Also can this rifle be retrofitted with a LMT or VLTOR receiver extension and retracting stock? This may be my only AR-15 like purchase if the socialists that run the state legislature have their way so this first, and possibly only, choice has got to be right. I'm willing to pay more to get a quality product. Please share your wisdom and experience with me.
Link Posted: 10/3/2004 12:12:51 AM EDT
RRA is very good quality. The only thing is that their M4 barrels don't come with the proper profile straight from the factory (they are heavy under the handguards, but should be skinny). Adco can sell you a RRA barrel (or even a complete rifle) with the proper profile by turning it down in a lathe and refinishing it, look them up in the Industry section.

What i would do is get a Bushmaster, at least get a Bushmaster barrel/upper and build your own. The Bushy barrel will be the proper profile fromthe start and be made of the stronger 4150 steel (as opposed to 4140 which is used by RRA). You probably will never know the difference, but you might as well get the stronger steel for the money.
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