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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 10/11/2003 8:59:52 AM EDT
Based on tthe recommended template:

Mellow greetings fellow ARFers. I have a problem with my AR15. I've read the FAQ, the List Rules, the Sample Post and the Glossary and couldn't find this exact problem. My AR15 is a RRA lower with RRA lower parts set(my first build), A1 stock setup. I'm sure that I've installed everything properly, but here's the problem: First off, during the FCG function check...

Hammer drops when trigger pulled (check)
recock hammer with trigger pulled, hammer caught by discnnector (check)
release trigger, hammer does not fall (check)
HOWEVER, when the trigger is released and the hammer falls to the sear position(?), there is a loud "POP!". Quite noticable even with the upper closed. What is the cause of this phenomenon? I realize it doesn't effect the operation of the gun, however, it is quite disconcerting. I can only imagine that there is some issue with angles and tolerances, but I have two other ARs and neither of them do this (they have a nice soft click).What would be the fix? I already swapped out the hammer and trigger, but with another RRA set- maybe thats the problem! Please help me I really really love my AR and I've been told you guys are the best.

Thanks in advance.
A rookie out of his league.
Link Posted: 10/11/2003 9:54:53 AM EDT
Sounds to me like that pop is just the hammer engaging the sear surface on the trigger. A lot of AR's I have seen do the same thing and I don't think it is anything you need to worry about. I have ARs with both RRA and J&T FCGs and all do it. Just go out and shoot it.
Link Posted: 10/11/2003 4:25:34 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/11/2003 4:28:42 PM EDT by gregw45]
Normal. Never really thought about where the sound came from... probably a combination of the hammer being let go by the disco and then immediatly stopped by the trigger. edited to add the only time I've experienced a nice soft click was on a custom trigger.
Link Posted: 10/13/2003 1:34:37 PM EDT
glklvr , I believe what you are describing is more commonly associated with "Trigger slap". The stiffer your fire control springs, the more prominent the "popping". As the hammer falls from the disconnect to the primary sear, the trigger is allowed to move forward to reset for the next shot and depending on the power of the fire control springs can slap the trigger forward into the trigger finger. Sometimes this is rather "violent" as the hammer is forcefully caught by the primary sear. The complaint is that the trigger moving forward into the trigger finger as the hammer falls and its caught by the primary sear causes fatigue in the trigger finger. (Which I guess since I'm not a precision shooter means absolutely nothing to me) Depending on the severity of the trigger slap their may be some issues with wear on the primary sear but usually at the most this is just an annoyance and certainly would be considered normal functioning/wear. If reduced power springs were installed it would lessen the trigger slap and the audibility of the hammer resetting. (The trigger slap and audible popping is very minimal in my Bushmaster competition trigger) I do not profess to be an expert so if the gurus should read this and sense an error of my interpretations, feel free to post a correction. BTW: Congratulations on your first build. Sly
Link Posted: 10/14/2003 5:43:04 AM EDT
Sly- No trigger slap-just the pop of it resetting. It makes it sound as if I didn't put it together right and somethings amiss. It's just a little disconcerting, and I have no idea if it affects the rifle during live fire (I haven't had a chance to get ot the range with it yet). I guess I'll just live with it.
Link Posted: 10/14/2003 8:45:31 AM EDT
glklvr, As it's been said, the sound is normal. It's good that you don't feel any slap. Since I've never given any thought about it, I went home and pulled out my Bushmaster and my Oly build last night to compare for ya. The Oly has a stiff FCG and the Bushie has the competition set-up. Both "pop" but the Bushie Comp is negligible a very light "click" really. The Oly however does pop rather loud. I also just went and fiddled with my other Bushie that I have only installed JP reduced power springs in. The "pop" has been reduced to more like a "click". If you shoot Glocks, as your handle implies, you'll note that it also "pops", more like a "click" really, when the trigger resets.
I guess I'll just live with it.
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If you wanted to see what it would do to help reduce the decibel level of the popping, JP reduced power springs are like $7-10 a set and will not only reduce the sound, but also give you a bit better feeling trigger pull than the standard. I just recently installed the JP springs and am still testing to make sure I trust their reliability. For every up there's a down and the reliability is the issue with lighter - better feeling triggers/parts. Chances are, if you can't feel it in your trigger finger, you won't even notice it when live firing. Sly
Link Posted: 10/14/2003 10:36:57 AM EDT
Thanks. [:D]
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