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Posted: 9/6/2008 4:54:02 PM EST
Been doing some research on EOTechs and had another loop thrown my way by a vendor today.
I'm not having any luck finding the 4X combo (Optics Planet says EOTech tells 'em they lost their supplier for the 4X prisms) and am unfortunately considering going with a separate 557 and 4X magnifier (there are a few 4X magnifiers out there)-‘course, I may yet go with the 3X system.

Supplier tells me the 4x combo package has a mounting system that is one piece, with the flip to side for the magnifier. I've not seen or heard of this-I just assumed the package came with a separate mount for the 557 and 4X.

Can anybody verify this?
Can one buy the individual mounting systems from EOTech? (Their manual shows the FTS and FXD but gives no info AFA price, ordering, etc. and there's no mention made of a one piece mount for the 4X combo).
Does the 3X combo package have a one-piece mount like the vendor claims the 4X has?

I'll e-mail EOTech, but they don't seem to be very proficient AFA replying to e-mails!
I’m also not having much luck with Google AFA finding anyone selling mounts only-may end up buying a 4X scope with fixed mount (more of ‘em out there), and have to buy a flip to side mount later.

Any info appreciated!

And if you know of anyone selling the 557.4XFTS for a decent price with ‘em in stock…I’ll take that info also! he
Here's what the vendor e-mailed me:
Basically we could get the scope and magnifier and you could mount them on your rail one behind the other. The difference would be that these two items would be mounted separately on your rail and the 557.4XFTS has a one piece bracket that the two units are mounted on and the bracket also features a side flip mount feature!
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