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Posted: 12/20/2003 7:50:35 PM EDT
I have not decided what I want yet.

I'd like to hear your rants as to which one you think is superior and why.

People who have owned/used both please reply.

Link Posted: 12/20/2003 7:55:50 PM EDT
[URL=http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=3&f=18&t=164971&w=myTopicPop]The Eotech v Aimpoint Thread From Hell[/url]
Link Posted: 12/20/2003 7:58:06 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/20/2003 8:01:05 PM EDT by Zhukov]
You really need to do a search. This has been talked about at length, probably the best being in this discussion:


I recently bought an EOTech. The Aimpoints are obviously great, but to be honest with you - I'm an armchair commando and $400 is a bit much for a "plain" red dot and shooting the occasional commie sode can.

Edited to make link hot. Lumpy and I must have been on the same page - he hit "Submit" while I was composing. DON'T LISTEN TO ANYTHING HE SAYS! HE'S AN AIMPOINT DEVIANT! [:D]
Link Posted: 12/20/2003 8:00:47 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Lumpy196:
[URL=http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=3&f=18&t=164971&w=myTopicPop]The Eotech v Aimpoint Thread From Hell[/url]
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Aimpoint.  Those who buy EoTech's just don't want to sport the extra dough for the better optic.[peep]

Doesn't really matter though...in one year's time you'll own an EoTech, an Aimpoint, and an ACOG.
Link Posted: 12/20/2003 8:07:56 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Zhukov:
I recently bought an EOTech. The Aimpoints are obviously great, but to be honest with you - I'm an armchair commando and $400 is a bit much for a "plain" red dot and shooting the occasional commie sode can.

[blue]Yeah, those cheap USED Eotech orphans are nice - and why confuse yourself with all the different mounting options with Aimpoints.[/blue]


[blue]Commie bastard[/blue]
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Link Posted: 12/21/2003 3:52:47 PM EDT
People who have owned/used both please reply
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Since you asked...

The "thread from hell" offers many more insights than I can provide, and from people who probably had long and serious experience that I have not.   FWIW, I just ran a 3-4 month side by side (ML2 Vs Eo552) evaluation for myself since I have two flat tops.  We are talking somewhere between 1K and 1.5K rounds fired with each sight and one high speed school I attended (Jeff Gonzales)  Answer for me was Aimpoint and I just sold the Eo 552. Both are fine sights, but the critical differences that mattered to me:

1. From 7-200 yards I am much faster (20-30%) with an aimpoint, no matter what the course of fire (yes I am a 3-gun gamer, so take that FWIW).  Timers don't lie and my shot to shot and target to target splits are consistently smaller with the aimpoint at all ranges beyond 15 yards.  I would suggest that another person might have just the opposite results here, but that is what I was able to document from my own use.

2. I am more accurate with the Aimpoint.  I don't know why.  Group sizes were consistently smaller on the same shooting problems for me.  But not by much.  I do know that accuracy with the EO seemed more sensitive to the adjustment level (brightness) of the dot relative to the current light condition during the day.  A partly cloudy day (varying light) seemed to be harder to accomodate without changing the settings on the Eo.

3. There is no good place to mount the AA battery version of the Eo on MY RIFLE.  If it is hanging over the M4 handguards you can't change the batteries without taking it off.  If it is far enough back to do that, then I can't get to the buttons very easily because the BUIS is in the way.

4. The controls on the Eo stink.  Those two buttons and the drill you have to go through to change the brightness or turn it on/off/up/down are very awkward when compared with the Aimpoint's simple easy to reach knob.  That was just annoying, not a show stopper.

Your mileage may vary, good luck!
Link Posted: 12/22/2003 12:57:20 AM EDT
I know that this doesn't help, but you have to try both and see which one works better for you.  An Aimpoint is pretty vanilla and anyone can get used to using it.  However, the EOTech is a much more advanced optic.  To those who haven't taken the time to really get used to it, it seems bulky, overly complicated, and seems to have a busy sight picture.  However, if you give it a chance, it operates just as quickly through its tactile interface and the reticle is much faster in close target acquisitions.  The smaller center dot is useful for long range shots as well.  The large circle draws your eyes to the reticle and you can then focus on the center aiming dot if you need to.  It sounds like a slow process, but is actually very, very fast.  

Obviously, I am an EOTech fan.  It works for me.  As far as price goes, the last time I checked, the prices for the two were the same, exactly the same give or take a whopping five dollars either way.  The aimpoint is the safer choice, but I feel the EOTech is more advanced and offers a better package in general and offer better advantages for those that know how to use them.  However, everyone is different, and what works for one will not work for the next.  If you can, try both.  Or jump straight to an ACOG.  Hell, just get all three.  Eventually you will want to anyway.
Link Posted: 12/22/2003 4:11:26 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/22/2003 4:12:50 AM EDT by SailorDude]
On various AK's and AR's I have three Aimpoints and two Eotechs. I have grown to be quite fond of both designs; and, as you might expect, each has it's design advantages.

I prefer the Eotech for AR's as you can just bolt it to the gun and go to the range, whereas with the Aimpoint, you have an intermediate step of sorting through the bewildering array of mounting options.

I also prefer the Eotech reticle for a couple of reasons:

A) Aquisition speed mentioned in the post immediately above (my experience being exactly contrary to that of the gentleman in the immediately prior post).

B) The radial lines in the EO reticle are more than just a little handy when shooting from an awkward position such as weak-side from behind a barricade or prone under a car. Remember that the bore-to-sight line displacement is pretty large on these guns and that canting the rifle off the verticle plane can do some pretty wierd things to the POI. The radial lines remind you to compensate for canted position.

But, like the others have said; just buy all three. That's where you're going to end up anyway.


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