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Posted: 10/4/2014 7:00:19 AM EST
Is there a way I could modify the Haley strategic dropwing mount to direct mount onto a KMR in the "in between" section? I have a Surefire m600 and I want it to be as low profile as possible. It's either that or a regular old thorntail mount.
Thanks for your help.
Link Posted: 10/4/2014 10:34:46 AM EST
From the looks of it, you could probably run that dropwing mount on a keymod rail in the 45° positions with no real issue. You would just need to get some sort of nut for the backside to hold everything together. Only issue is that there is potential for shifting around. They are probably set up for a 10-32 or a 10-24 screw. The small slot end of the slot on the keymod is 0.234" per the tech drawing. A #10 screw is a max of 0.190" in diameter on the thread body. If you aren't afraid of modifying stuff, you could run an M6 screw as they are roughly 0.236" in diameter so you could probably thread it through the rail and be fine. But the head of the M6 socket head is 0.393" in diameter where as a #10 socket head is 0.312". You you might have to remove some material from the counter bored area as well as the through slot for the screw. If you know someone with a milling machine this should be a very easy mod. To make it look like you didn't do any thing, I would just use some Krylon BBQ paint to cover it up. It is surprisingly tactical. But to DIY it with a dremel or a drill press would be somewhat tricky. Or you could just rock the #10 screws and clamp the piss out of them and hope it doesn't move around. There would be many ways to skin this cat.
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