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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/11/2005 7:25:29 AM EDT

Do you guys go through the same JB compund hand lapping of your new bore, and barrel cleaning after every shot or two fired (for the fist box or so of cartridges) with your Colt Carbine like you do with your other new rifles? I always do this with all my new rifles.

But I was told that this is unecessary with a chrome lined barrel. Frankly, it's a pain in the ass to have to open the receiver, remove the bolt, and clean after each shot. Did it with my 6920, and dreading having to go through it again with the 6721. But I'll do it if a Colt is no different then any other rifle that I'd want to maintain and get the best accuracy from.

Link Posted: 8/11/2005 8:25:06 AM EDT
no need to do that with a chrome lined barrel. You need to shoot lots of rounds before you clean it.
Link Posted: 8/11/2005 11:10:20 AM EDT
No, I don't do it either. All my rifles are chrome lined "quasi military" style rifles.
Why bother?
None are match rifles so I feel it's a waste of time and materials.
Link Posted: 8/11/2005 11:21:48 AM EDT
Just shoot it.

Link Posted: 8/11/2005 1:22:05 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Slash:
Just shoot it.

Link Posted: 8/11/2005 2:08:36 PM EDT

Originally Posted By eklikwhoa:

Originally Posted By Slash:
Just shoot it.



I've never understood the barrel "break-in" fetish on a rack grade rifle.

Put about a thousand rounds through it, by the time you're done it will be "broken-in".
Link Posted: 8/11/2005 2:17:02 PM EDT
and then shoot it some more
Link Posted: 8/11/2005 3:44:08 PM EDT
I prepped my A1 1/12 Colt barrel with 300 rounds of Wolf, then I cleaned it and shot up some more Wolf.

Start it off with at least 250 rds of any ammo before cleaning.
Link Posted: 8/12/2005 1:04:47 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/12/2005 1:05:10 PM EDT by JMR]
Mine aren't benchrest rifles so I just shoot them.
Link Posted: 8/12/2005 8:43:57 PM EDT
Do you think the Colt employees who test fired it wasted their time doing all that Voodoo magic?
Link Posted: 8/12/2005 8:47:20 PM EDT
I put a patch or 2 through a new bore to remove any crap...

Then shoot the shit out of it.

Chromelined bore - 200 rounds before I do anything after the initial swabbing.

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