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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 2/23/2006 2:01:09 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/23/2006 2:06:29 PM EDT by NvrenufRR]
I mustered up enough courage to paint my first AR. I am however going the digital route with it and need info and tricks regarding the process and my materials.

I have
Rust-o-leam Camoflage and high heat paints
Helmsman Spar urethane Satin Clear
Lacquer thinner
000 Steel wool
A good mask
Blue painters tape
Brake cleaner to remove oil and grease (non-chlorinated)
Cheap model airbrush set

LCW lower
CMT upper
Colt M4 SOCOM barrel
Colt 4-pos plastic stock
TDI/CAA cheekweld addapter for stock
Colt carry handle
Trijicon TA-11 & TA-51
Samson carbine FF HG
A2 grip

OK, I'm going to make my digi details from the blue tape and I have a square punch from the craft store. I'm going for the Urban Digital look with a hint of tan and green in it for depth. I ploan on doing prep with the brake cleaner then the steel wool to scuff the surface, then the brake cleaner again. Tape off the lens to the ACOG, the FS @ the barrel and a few other misc parts.

I have the old instructions for the paint job, if anyone can find the newer version w/pics I'd appreciate it.
I need to know how the paint wil hold up and is it the right kind to use?
Can I bake on the paint? At what temperature, I have a Colt 4-pos plastic stock, and a few other misc plastic parts
Will the paint stick to the Tango Down Rails?
What parts besides the CH do I not want to paint? (I think I'm going to install the LPK after the paint job)
Anything I missed???

I'm not sure if I want to coat the entire rifle grey and then add the digi, or just spot paint the digi pattern over the factory finish, any suggestions? My concern is the scuffing from the steel wool, I'm pretty sure it will show if not covered? Do I absolutely have to use the steel wool for prep and proper adhering?

Tips, Tricks, Suggestions, Info and pics are all appreciated, Please post pics for reference if you can, they dont have to be urban
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