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Posted: 9/28/2004 6:14:46 AM EDT
As far as I have heard, earlier IOR had 1st focal plane reticles, but when they wanted to get popularity in the USA they changed to 2nd focal plane. Is this correct? Or does it depend of the model? In an article someone who had tested IORs said that only non-illuminated models have been changed to 2nd focal plane, illuminated are still 1st.

Can someone explain me what is the logical reason of converting sniper scopes with MP8, MilDot or other ranging reticle from 1st to 2nd focal plane? No possibility to range at any magnification any more. Just because that is what many Americans are used to?

Link Posted: 9/28/2004 10:34:24 AM EDT
All of IOR's Scopes are now in the second focal plane. They didnt do this just to gain popularity in the States they did this to increase the overall performance of the scopes. AS OF TODAY the only 1st focal plane scopes left are a few of the hunting scopes and there is only 40-50 of them and an old model 10x56's.(AO'S)10-20units left. As MASTER DISTRIBUTORS WE ARE OFFERING THESE SCOPES AT ATTRACTIVE DISCOUNTS. Due to their discontinued nature.

As of December ALL, both Tactical & Hunting, scopes will be in the second focal plane. The reason behind this is to gain a more accurate reticle. As we all know, when you adjust your magnification with first focal plane scopes the reticle size will increase or decrease. This doesnt make your reticle more accurate in fact it makes it less accurate due to the irregularness of the size.

You can still range with no problem, you do so at ten power or at 20 power and either double or cut in half your values. Before at low maginifications the reticles were VERY HARD TO SEE DUE TO the size of the reticle 1MOA, NOW that is not an issue. It allows the scope to be more consistent for more accurate shots.

If this hasnt answered your questions feel free to shoot over a few more!

Richard Augat, USAOPTICS
Link Posted: 9/28/2004 12:34:27 PM EDT
When I was scope hunting I came to IOR and found that the 2,5-10x42 fit my needs the best. I did not like the second focal plane reticale as well as the green illum, but i just accepted it.

My IOR came in 2 weeks ago...and when I pulled it out of the box....to my elation they changed the illum to RED and moved the reticle back to the first focal plane. They also reduced the chunkyness aound the turret knobs and impoved the mechinism that changes magification. If I get some pics I will post them....but I think I got one of the first new ones in the US from Valintine at IOR, becuase I have never seen one like this one and either did my dealler.

Matt Carper
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