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Posted: 9/29/2004 10:14:34 AM EDT
I'm a clean freek and feel the need to clean my guns every time till they are spotless. I speend most of my cleaning time on the barrel getting everything out. I use a combo of M-Pro7 and Butches Bore shine. I let the cleaner soak for 10-30 minutes and then scrub 40 passes with a bronze/nylon brush and then run a tight patch to remove the folwing. I do this 3 to 4 times till the patches come out light gray or white. This takes 2-3 hours to do and after the bore is super bright! Can I be harming the gun by cleaning like this?

I just don't like to have any thing left in the barrel at all and my idea behind this is metal fowling will not have a chance to build up and the gun will always be it's most accurate it can be.

So what do the experts think about this?
Link Posted: 9/29/2004 11:35:32 AM EDT
40 passes way to much. drop it to ten, your brushes will thank you by longer life. Butchs should work well enough in removing copper and carbon that you dont need mp7.

rule of thumb less times a rod goes down the bore less chance of nicks to the crown.

i use butches soak 10 to 20 mins, brush about 10 times flush out repeat if nessary. Your eyes or a tight patch will tell you if there still carbon.

Link Posted: 9/29/2004 11:46:02 AM EDT
Ok I'll try just 10 pases. When I said 40 passes I ment 20 but that is 40 when you count in and out both ways. Do you mean 10 passes both ways(20 total passes) or 5 passes both ways (10 total passes)?

I use Mpro7 before Butches as it seem to cut the carbon/black stuff so well. I then use Butches for the metal fowling(copper lead). Does Butches cut the carbon/black stuff as well as the Mpro7?

Also I just bought some Sweets 7.62 for an old Mosin-Nagant. Should I ever need to use the Sweets on my "new" guns that I have been using Butches/Mpor7 on?

Thank you!
Link Posted: 9/30/2004 5:17:20 PM EDT
Push the patch through, breech to muzzle, and take the patch off the tip when it exits the muzzle. Don't drag a dirty patch back through the bore.
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