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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/18/2006 6:12:53 PM EST
[Last Edit: 2/18/2006 6:30:38 PM EST by imposter]
I ordered the CMP upper from ctd ($400). This is an A2 with a stainless barrel. It has what looks like a .75" barrel its whole length. Not too bad as far as weight. The ejection port cover does not close. No free float, but it has a bayo lug and FH. The receiver's finish is decent, but I have seen better. It comes with one 10 rd mag and is made in the USA.

I put together a lower for it yesterday and took it out to the desert with a couple of my boys to test fire today.

With Rem golden bullets is functioned 100%. I was impressed. It was shooting way to the right, and it took about 12 clicks to get the windage right. The front sight also had to be spun down quite a ways to get it to zero properly. But once I got it zeroed it shot very well. We shot mostly at spinners. I was hitting them 100% of the time, which is not always the case with my worn out 10/22. I was not really accuracy testing, but I did shoot a couple groups at 50 yards right before we left, and they were about 1". Not bad with irons.

I tried a mag full of the Federal brick 22s, and it choked on every shot. No surprise there.

The bolt does not hold open on the last shot, but otherwise I am 100% satisfied. The boys definately preferred "the black one" to the bolt action 22 we brought.

I bought this (as well as a 22 upper for my Glock) primarily so I could combine parenting and shooting (multitasking being a father and target practice). While they were exploring (they actually found some fossilized seashells), I got in some much needed work with irons.
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 6:28:31 PM EST
Your accuracy results are right in line with what most are getting with the DPMSs--1" at 50 or a little tighter (my best 50 yard group is right about 5/8").

The Fed Walmart Bulks run fine in mine, BUT every now and then a batch gets through that's just a hair oversize and won't chamber in a couple of my tighter guns. It was just such an oversized Fed Bulk that caused the KABOOM in my DPMS the first time I shot it. No problem with them since, though. I've had two boxes like that in about 40. Usually the Fed Bulks are amazingly reliable in almost everything, though they aren't very accurate.
Link Posted: 2/22/2006 8:51:37 PM EST
I bought the flattop 16" model from Midway just before Christmas. It was backordered for a week or so and I thought I might get the high cap mag that they were all supposed to be shipping with. Heard that rumor here. But wanted a 10 rounder anyway for shooting off the bench. That was the first surprise, the mag wouldn't even go into my SP1 mag well. If you know what one of their mags looks like, the mag has two edges molded a little on the long side. I had to hit those edges with a rasp to get it to fit into the well at all. I didn't remove enough however as I became worried that it would be too loose. So although it now goes in and seems to function/feed fine, it doesn't drop freely when released, you have to pull it out. I put a semi cheap Redfield 4X16 scope on it. I had not used the scope yet, but with it, at only 25 yards, accuracy sucked. I mean sucked to the tune of two inches with some Winchester Wildcat. I discovered the float tube was loose and when I hand tightened it, I got one group of three in one hole, but not all five. It would shoot T22 more accurately, but nothing I shot impressed me at only 25 yards. Now, I am hoping the good news is that the new scope is bad! I took the thing home and removed the sling stud they put in the float tube. I tightened it up a lot more after adding some blue Loctite. The entire upper came in a plastic bag in a cardbox with absolutely no paper work or instructions, not that I'd say you need any, but? I found it kind of odd they sent nothing about cleaning, care, etc. Needless to say, the quality control on mine sucked. Loose tube, and a completely useless mag when delivered to me. Since it's always such a cluster trying to use sandbags with the telescoping stock I had on it, I've put an A2 stock on it along with a Burris 4.5X14 to see if this will make a difference. I hope I have better luck next time.
Link Posted: 2/23/2006 10:10:00 AM EST
My mags were the same when I got them. Like you I used a file so they would fit. I have two 10 round mags and both drop free nicely.


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