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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 10/4/2005 8:50:53 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/4/2005 9:09:02 PM EDT by BLS3]
In the next few days I am going to purchase my firtst AR. I went to my local gun shop where I purchase all my firearms looking to pick up the Bushmaster. After speaking to the shop owner he recommends DMPS, in his opinion he feels DMPS offers a equal or better product then the Bushmaster at a cheaper price. I was wondering if you guys had and opinion? What is the reason for a BULL BARREL?
Link Posted: 10/4/2005 9:05:33 PM EDT
I would go with the Bushy, over the DPMS.

Just my .02 cents
Link Posted: 10/4/2005 9:10:39 PM EDT
I don't own an AR yet, but my research (many hours) tells me that Bushmaster is the way to go over the DPMS. Although if it were me, I would go with RRA. Just my .02
Link Posted: 10/4/2005 9:12:48 PM EDT
In my opinion, and I'm just an average AR Joe, but I think the chrome lined barrel is worth is.

The bull barrel is for accurate bench rest shooting. With the extra weight, lack of a flash hider, and nice silver shine I don't think they are that great of a bonus.
Link Posted: 10/4/2005 9:52:26 PM EDT
You are going to get alot of opinions on this one . In reality you won't go wrong with either . I personally have had the best luck with DPMS rifles over Bushmaster or even Colt but I'm sure people have had other experiences .
Link Posted: 10/4/2005 10:00:11 PM EDT
I do not own a DPMS but I can say that their staff is a bunch of really good guys that know their product very well and are very helpful. Also, the last time I asked them, you can get DPMS rifles with chrome lined barrels, you just have to order it that way.
Best of luck
Link Posted: 10/4/2005 10:16:16 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/5/2005 12:12:30 AM EDT
Haven't had DPMS or Buschmaster. I will vouch for RRA though.
Link Posted: 10/5/2005 3:38:18 AM EDT
i have handled some dpms parts and bushmaster is far superior but the lower itself is good.

wouldnt say that dpms is better or even equal but its good for the money.

i would shell out for the bushmaster though
Link Posted: 10/5/2005 5:50:50 AM EDT
I own a bushmaster A3 hbar right now, went w/ DPMS parts for the gas block and ff tube.

I will be building an ar15 in the near future, and i will use soley DPMS parts for the build.
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