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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/31/2005 6:29:53 PM EDT
i was wondering how does this Beretta Cx4 Storm compare to say a olympic arms 9mm ar15 or a rock river arms 9mm ar? I am trying to talk my self into getting a RRA or Oly 9mm ar but for the price differnce it is hard for me to do. I was wondering if you can tell me the pros and cons of both i have yet to shoot either since i have no way to do so. I am wondering what will be more accurate all i am going to be doing is using it at an indoor 25 yrd range since that is all i have around the area i live.

http://www.beretta.com/dati/ContentManager/images/NEWS/Cx4Storm.jpg or ?? http://www.rockriverarms.com/images/9rcara24v.gif
Link Posted: 8/31/2005 8:18:24 PM EDT
I've got a Storm and while I've only had a few chances to fire it (I doubt I've put 100 rounds through it yet), I think it's a fun little carbine to shoot. Accuracy with the iron sights shooting freehand from 25-50 yards at redneck targets (2-liter soda bottles, tin cans, etc) was good, recoil was low enough that I don't remember anything specific about it. I just picked up one of those big 32-round Beretta mags by ProMag at the Raleigh NC gunshow so I don't know how it'll feed, but I had zero failures with the crappy 10-rounders that came with it as well as some no-name 15-rounders shooting cheap Winchester whitebox 9mm. The length of pull is fine as is, but if I could find one of those extension plates it would be perfect.

I've got no experience on the flipside, though, as I've never shot a pistol-caliber AR (although I am working on a build for a .45). Hope that helps, if there's anything else you want to know about it I'll try to tell you. Having said that, why not buy both?
Link Posted: 9/1/2005 12:08:39 AM EDT
Something to think about ... You can't slap a .223/ 5.56 upper onto a storm. the AR is alot more versital from the point of caliber changes. I am sure it is a fine weapon and fun to shoot but I would go with the AR plus you don't have to pay extra for a rail to mount you aim-point or EOTECH on. good luck with your choice.
Link Posted: 9/1/2005 12:31:34 AM EDT

Originally Posted By tacmed33:

plus you don't have to pay extra for a rail to mount you aim-point or EOTECH on. good luck with your choice.

This is a good point. While most of the Storm publicity pics show it with the top rail and a red-dot scope or something, all that came with it when I got mine was one of the small side-rail sections (which did work great for mounting a Surefire light). I want to pick up one of the top rails someday, but nobody around here seems to carry the stuff in stock and I keep forgetting to order one...
Link Posted: 9/1/2005 12:48:42 AM EDT
Shot both, and although the AR is nice the Storm is a good fun toy. The AR for whatever reason just didn't feel right shooting 9's out of. I own a storm. 6000 rounds + and Zero problems. And by that I mean not even a single problem. I would suggest that you try and contact some one or ones on here in your area that have both and go shoot them. Make up your mind then. Its really the only way you will ever be happy cause no matter what you buy you will always wonder what the other one shoots like,

Link Posted: 9/1/2005 3:48:07 AM EDT

Which one do you like? I have handled the Beretta and it sure feels light compared to the AR. However I have not fired one. I have had 2 9MM ARs both Oly and they have run flawlessly. I use mine as an indoor range gun. I just like the versatility of being able to switch from 9MM to 223. Since I'm an AR Junkie that's the way I went.
Link Posted: 9/1/2005 4:12:21 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/1/2005 4:12:54 AM EDT by eklikwhoa]
i have handled the storm and though pretty much any firearm is fun to shoot i felt that the ar platform would be better suited to my needs.


and my needs being that i like to add tactical cool stuff

but seriously if your just trying to buy a cheap shooter/plinker then the storm would be your best bet.

the 9mm ar would accept more accessories easier and have an endless and strong aftermarket.

i thought long and hard about this too and ended up with a colt 6450
Link Posted: 9/1/2005 2:38:28 PM EDT
I bought a Cx4 and shot about 2000 rounds though it. It is a fun carbine to shoot and I found it to be pretty accurate. Mine came with all four rails installed as well as a forward vertical pistol grip.

I can't tell you about the 9mm AR though. I'm waiting on a lower for mine as I type this.
Link Posted: 9/1/2005 4:27:33 PM EDT
Thanks for all the replys so fast! I am really having a hard time deciding what AR to get if i am going to get one. I am also left handed and i noticed that the storm can be switched to have the shells ejected from the left hand side other then the rihgt so that is a plus but i really dont car for the looks they are ugly in my opion, but i guess the looks dont matter as much as how the gun opperates.

Link Posted: 9/1/2005 7:33:37 PM EDT

Originally Posted By tacmed33:
plus you don't have to pay extra for a rail to mount you aim-point or EOTECH on. good luck with your choice.

Actually you do have to pay extra.. I'm sure you know there is a big price difference between the AR and Storm..
Link Posted: 9/1/2005 7:49:36 PM EDT
They both are good guns, I've seen more people lately lookin at the .40 storms instead of the 9mm ones though.

I'd lean more towards a storm if i already had a 92 pistol, so i could share the mags.

I keep wondering about those Ruger PC9 carbines. It looks alot like a M1 carbine that's chambered for 9mm and uses p89 mags.

Oh, and if you get a storm you can look like one of those guys on Battlestar Galactica!
Link Posted: 9/3/2005 4:56:25 PM EDT
Here is an old review I wrote:

I just took my new Storm out to the range for the first time. I also took my 9mm "Colt-style" AR15 to do a side by side comparison. Both were fed Wincheser white box 115gr FMJ Wal Mart special. I tried to make this as unbiased as possible. Even though my 9mm AR has always been my favorite and the newness of the Storm hasn't worn off I am going to try to put both feelings aside. Here is what I came up with:

9mm AR15:

Specs: RRA 16" upper, Bushmaster lower, Fobus grips, YHM Specter FF forearm, RRA 4-position stock, ASA mag block, Promag magazines, EOtech 502 6 moa dot, and Magpul rail panels.

The good. The 9mm AR will always have a special place in my safe, I built it from parts and it is unique. It is pretty accuarate too. I can usually shoot a 3" tattered hole in any target with enough ammo at 25 yards oft-hand. It is quick and agile. Not to mention fun to shoot. The recoil and report are minimal, and manageable during rapid fire. Since it is an AR it has all the cool mounting options, accessories, and other things you can piece together like an adult Lego set. The stock is also adjustable. Which to me is important depending on the season and the amount of clothing I have on, as well as others of different stature being able to shoot it comfortably. There are also tons of 25-30 round magazines available.

The bad. This was definitely the expensive route to get a 9mm carbine. I don't recall the exact dollar amount but around $1000 sounds right. It's a pretty hefty gun too. I can usually shoot about 15 rounds before my arms start to fatigue. I am no body builder, but I don't think I am a weakling either. There is no bolt hold open with the Uzi and promag magazines I am using, so last shot bolt hold open doesn't work.

9mm CX4 Storm:

Specs: Stock Beretta CX4 9mm Storm and factory 92f magazines.

The good. This a pretty light weight compact carbine. The controls (safety, mag release, and bolt release) are easily accessible. It has quite a few mounting options, such as side, top, and bottom rails. The iron sights flip away when using optics. The stock is adjustable using spacers. Everything is also reversible for left handed shooters.The recoil and report are both minimal, and it is easily controlled during rapid fire. Factory magazines are available (as well as non-factory 30 rnd), and it has the last shot bolt hold open feature. It is also a pretty reasonably priced carbine, especially from Beretta where heir 92F is priced as much as the Storm.

The bad. The sight towers seem like they would interfere with the field of view when using optics. Even though the stock is adjustable in length it involves a screw driver and some time to change around. The pistol grip is what you get, no way to change it out.

9mm AR15 vs 9mm Storm:

Stock: The AR15 wins here. There are far more options for stocks on the AR. However, just comparing a 4-position telescopic stock vs the Beretta's stock, the AR wins. It is much quicker and easier to adjust length of tools or time.

Recoil and Report: Tie. Though the Storm has slightly more "kick" but the report seems less than the AR.

Weight and length: The Storm wins. The Storm is lighter and more compact. Granted you can probably lose some weight on the AR and get it SBR'd, but comparing the two guns I shotwithout takinf any SBR opton into consideration, the Storm was lighter and shorter.

Mounting options: Tie. At first I thought the AR1 had it hands down. Then I considered the options for the Storm and what a practical person would want to mount on their weapons. Like the 9mm AR15 the Storm as mounting options on the top, both sides, and bottom. As well as a pull out rail under the barrel. The AR15 has a 4 rail FF tube. Inch for inch th AR has more real estate, but when you consider the amount of space you actually need to mount an optic, light, vertical foregrip, and possibly a laser, both have plenty of room.

Accessories: The AR15 wins. We all know you can swap out ertually every par on the AR15 for something more "tactical" or ergonomic to tailor fit the weapon to your individual needs. The Storm has some accessories, but its design limits its modularity.

Accuracy: Another tie. I shot at 20 feet and 25 yards, bench rest supported and standing unsupported. Both were very accurate in both situations. However, when I shot the AR15 at 25 yards it was right on the money, but shot extremely low at 20 feet unlike the Storm which was pretty close to point of aim at both 25 yards and 20 feet. I called this one a tie because the grouping of the shots were tight and accurate.

Price: The Storm wins. At $600 for a complete rifle with 2 magazines, the Storm is the cheapest compared to an AR15. Even a simple 9mm AR15 without accessories is still a couple hundred more than a Storm.

Sighting: Tie. This is a hard one to judge. When comparing iron sights between the two, they are very similar. Both have a rear peep sight with 2 apetures. Both have a front post. The stock Storm sights do have the option to flip down, while stok AR15 sights do not. However, one can remove the sites all together from an AR and replace the sites with aftermarket options, like I had done. The Storm is stuck with what it has. Even though my AR as an EOTech, I thought it would be unfair to compare optics to irons. This is more of an accessories diference though. Iron sights to iron sights, they are equal in function.

Comfort: The Storm wins. The Storm fit much better for me. The smooth and flowing lines made it comfortable to shoot. It is much lighter and easier to shoot for sustained periods before muscles start to fatigue. The cheek weld is good and the plastic forearms feels good to the touch. The shorter overall length adds to the compact feel of it.

Reliability: Tie. I have put thousands of rounds through the AR15. The only issues I ever had were related to a cheap USA Uzi magazine. Otherwise, it is flawless. I have only put about 300 rounds through the Storm, but at this point it hasn't given me any reason to doubt its reliability. I didn't have any issues in the 300 rounds I fired. However, my first 300 rounds in he AR15 had issues, even though they were magazine related.

The Bottom Line:
This is tough, really tough. They both are top end carbines, accurate and customizable. I did leave a couple differences out of the comparison. Magazine well placement and familiararty of controls have come up in past comparisons, but doesn't really seem to be relevent when comparing two different guns. People are smart (for the most part) and adaptable. They are able to learn to use more than one weapon efficiently. So to me it isn't a fair issue, just an argument people that are afraid of change use. Anyway, wit that aside, I think the Beretta Storm is my new favorite. My opinion is prone to change, but when given the price, feel, accuracy, aftermarket options, functionality, and reliabiltiy, the Storm has won for me.

Link Posted: 9/3/2005 6:01:14 PM EDT
Thanks alot for that it was a great range report/comparison between the two i think i am going to get a storm for the money i just cant talk my self into an ar but i am sure once i get the hair agin i will be getting an ar ;)

Thanks alot all

Link Posted: 9/4/2005 4:33:26 AM EDT

Originally Posted By RRA-9mm:
Thanks alot for that it was a great range report/comparison between the two i think i am going to get a storm for the money i just cant talk my self into an ar but i am sure once i get the hair agin i will be getting an ar ;)

Thanks alot all


If your're concerned about cost, why not just get a Keltec Sub 2000? Much cooler than the Storm.
Link Posted: 9/5/2005 4:34:40 AM EDT
Replacement parts availability goes to the AR. Like pulling teeth getting parts from Beretta.

Link Posted: 9/5/2005 6:27:49 AM EDT
Well i went to the local gun shop yesterday and the owner talked me away from the storm saying that the few they have sold have had a buch of FTE's. He went as far as saying that he had a rental one for less than a weeks since it was jamming all the time. He also told me that the RRA's are out and on there way to distributors. So i think i am just going to wait and get me one of them once i save up a little more money.
Or i might have to sell my kimber sainless II i dont know if this is the right place to ask but i was just wondering what is a good price to ask for the kimber stainless II it is unmodified with the factory combat sights it only has about 700 rounds through it and it is about 4 months old. I think i paid right around 750 for it.

Link Posted: 9/5/2005 11:21:39 AM EDT
No reliability issues with my storm. Buddy has one too and has had no issues either.
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 9:20:55 AM EDT
Only time we had any problems with the storm is when newbs rode the charging handle. The storm won't tolerate this very well at all, at least not ours. Use it like it's supposed to be used, and it's flawless. When it's broke down, it's WAY more compact than an AR, and will fit in a standard backpack with no problem, and being so light you almost forget it's in there. My 14.5" AR will NOT fit in the same backpack when broke down. I always like to have a firearm with me when camping because we camp WAY out in the sticks so that feature alone is worth it's price to me.(although bolt/carrier/extractor/ejector has a tendency to come apart at times, although it's simple to reassemble) Would I trade my 5.56 AR for the storm? NO. But, i would sooner buy the storm than a 9mm AR. It's smaller, lighter, cleans easily and doesn't foul as fast as an AR, breaks down to fit in a standard bookbag sized backpack, and has been 100% reliable when not riding the CH. As far as toys go, and i consider ANY 9mm to be a toy, it's a first class weapon. If you are looking for a home defense weapon, a 5.56 AR will be superior, or at least consider a storm in .40sw or .45acp.
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 11:41:00 AM EDT
thanks for your advice!

I am looking to get it just to plink around at the range i would get a 5.56 version if i had a place to shoot it but all the ranges with in an hrs drive from me are indoors so i have to get somthing in a pistol caliber i am just looking for somthing new other then a pistol to shoot

Link Posted: 9/8/2005 10:23:07 AM EDT
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