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Posted: 4/20/2007 4:16:30 AM EST
I just received ten C Products 30rd mags that I bought off of the GunBroker auction site.  All have the Magpul followers, CS springs and grey teflon finish.  I think my total with shipping was $124.00.  Not bad in my opinion considering the price of the Magpul followers alone.  This recent purchase has caused a few questions to crop up and I thought I might as well unload a couple of others that have been nagging at me for awhile now too.

Here are my questions...

#1 With the past quality concerns with the C Products mags, should I tear open all ten mags and do a fit and function test?  I've done this with two of them and discovered that there is a bit of difference in the way they fit in the mag well of my AR.  One was smooth as silk, the other fit a little tighter.  

#2  I noticed that the seam along the back of a couple of the mags isn't flush.  I have a slight hump between two spot welds.  Is it safe to take a hammer and tap the edge down, or will it end up weakening the weld?  

#3  I'm planning on buying another lot of ten mags at the end of the month.  Any opinions on wether I should go with more C Products mags, or venture out with the D&H?

#4  What's the big selling point on mags with dates on them?  Is this a legal issue?  I understand the bias against LEO marked mags.  I'd hate to invest money into something that could be later banned, but wouldn't undated mags be just as desirable as those with dates on them?  If the government goes on another banning spree, I doubt dates of manufacture will mean much to them.

Link Posted: 4/20/2007 5:17:52 PM EST
#1 Test all mags regardless of manufacturer.
#2 Do not use a hammer on you mags
#3 Buy what you want and are available, everyone has their own flavor.. I have yet to have a bad mag that I puchased new.
#4 The date some would assume this would help if hi-caps are grandfathered in a future ban. I find this VERY unlikely and pointless.
Link Posted: 4/21/2007 7:02:40 PM EST
I would buy D&H just to get the variety.  

I would encourange you to shop with the folks that help pay for this site, I'm sure you can ge the same price from more then one of them. check the links above, 44mag, bravo, etc.
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