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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/9/2006 9:42:53 AM EST
I shoot 3 gun for funzies and have noted that my uncomped/nonbuffered, 5.5 FH CAR muzzle rise ruins my sight picture for the second shot... and re-sighting slows me down. Ok, maybe I need to get better on the double taps.

But I am thinking I would like to have reduced muzzle rise, and have read lots here about comps and buffers. I shoot occasional coyotes at home (with my comped Tikka Tac 308) and don't want to grab the hearing protection first for the 223 so am leaning to the buffers.

3 gunners go with the comps but they put on the hearing protection first, then shoot. I guess I could add/remove a comp as needed, but do many do that? But then I read about the buffers. They seem great.

It appears as if there are more AR15er's here that go with the comps rather than the buffers, am I correct? Is that because the comp is more effective?

Can you use a buffer with a comp and still have a reliable rifle? Am studying building a new 16" accurate CAR upper, if that helps.

Thanks for all your input
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