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Posted: 5/12/2018 12:45:58 AM EDT
Just received my "Military grade" Holosun, lol.

Anyways, just got my PA MD back, so I can have them side by side.

The HS weighs 6.8oz. The PA w/LT mount weighs 7.3oz

I think the HS is absolute cowitness whereas the PA w/LT is lower 1/3rd.

The HS has a very shiny and smooth surface, including the mount. The PA has the typical anodized feel, but just a tad smoother than usual.

The clear cap lens on the HS is very cool, but they are stuck on there really good and hard to flip. The wake up function is very cool.

Looking through the HS, the color seems to be more neutral, whereas the PA has a slight tint of blue, especially around the edge.

Reticle clarity seems to be the same to me. The dual reticle on the HS is fantastic IMO.

LED emitter is at about 4:30 on the PA and 9 on the HS.

There does seem to be a tad bit more red glare with the PA at certain angles, but this could be due to the killflash on the HS.

Killflash is a gimmick for me. I'll probably remove it later.

I don't know which I like better, the rotary knob or push button. They both work. I do like how I can see which setting it is on with the rotary, but I don't know if that matters that much.

Both have parallax. At about 20' away, moves about an 1" all around for both. At about 50 yards, it's hard to tell, but you can see it shift just a tad. You'll still hit COM though.

As much as I like LT mounts, I might try a Scalarworks for the HS since it's so streamline.

I haven't mounted either one on a rifle yet. Reputation indicates they'll both work well.

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