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Posted: 12/15/2010 5:13:31 PM EDT
I just bought a used Colt AR-15 at Texas gun show last Sunday... well technically, my grandfather bought it. I'm 15, so I couldn't exactly put my cash on the table and walk out w/ it, but I worked hard thruogh the summer to get this rifle... However, I have had a lot of experience w/ gun, and the AR-15 platform before hand.
I have been shooting shotguns and rifles from the age of 5, and hunting since 8 or 9 (..... I live in Texas....). I already own various 12 gauges, a few .22 rim-fire rifles, a Savage 7mm-08, a .410 shotgun, and now I (partially, as I said before) own a Colt AR-15.I have attended the hunter-safety course, a few hunting trips w/ overwhelmingly safe people, and all that other B.S. (It's not BS if you have never shot a gun, but for somone who has been shooting since 5 and up....).
I started shooting AR-15's about 2 years ago, when I fired a Bushmaster AR-15, I got hooked. Untill that I had NEVER fired a .223 loaded rifle, and I have grown to love the light recoil and small round, but suprisingly accurate and deadly power of the black rifle
More recently, I spent a day w/ the Panther Arms AR15, and that was fun too... but nothing compares to the Colt I have now... I could go into describing every thing I like about it, but I wont since I'm assuming you all (or most of you) have Colt AR-15's. Long story short, I want my black rifle to look as "Tak-Ticaly Awezome!!1!" as possible, and not for the reasons you may think
I am a big mil-sim airsoft player in East Texas, and I attended Op's (biggg games w/ hundreds of people, tanks, APC's, helocopters, ect.) a lot. I have put a lot of $$$$ into my tactical gear and much of it is real military gear. I also plan on joining the U.S. Army after highschool, attending Ranger shcool if everything works out, and in the end, getting an 18x contract with the U.S. Army Special Forces (my lives dream). Before I join, I would like to do a few magpul dynamics courses, and of course, practice w/ my gun for the next few years on the range.
I am looking for a gun set-up that has been tried-and-tested by other AR-15 users... here's what I'm looking at now (as it is my Airsoft gun's loadout and helps maximize my combat effectiveness, and speed), but I am open to the suggestions of people who have used M4 style rifles in combat, or just know what the hell they are talking about:

Accesories -
Colt AR-15 railed upper receiver (The stock one has an integrated carrying handle)
Magpul MOE handguard (carbine length) OR daniel defense rail system
Magpul MOE stock OR Magpul UBR stock
Magpul bad-lever
Magpul VFG
Combat-Scope style optics... no specifics yet

Internals/Upgrades -

(I have no idea.... help would be nice lol)

This is just what I have so far, but I would like to spend a year or so pouring into this gun to make it a great gun to practice w/, as well as kill the 1000000+ hog herd on our property.

Link Posted: 12/16/2010 4:39:58 PM EDT
Your Colt that you bought is a excellent rifle just the way it sits. I own a few myself. I am not into tactical coolness so I am going to give you some ideas that work for me. First is a quality hand rail. There are several  quality rails on the market. Getting a drop in rail  will keep you from hacking up your FSB. Troy makes a great drop in rail and it is the favorite out of the other rails I have bought and used. The Omega is also a great rail as is the KAC rails, another one that I have used is the MI drop in. You can pick one up in the EE for a good price. Next, if the grip hasn't been changed  I would do so. I have the Ergo's on all my rifles, but Magpul and Hogue make good  grips. Next is a Flashlight. I want at least 120 lumens on a SD light. For a good light that is proven  is the Surefire P6,  they can be had well under $50 in the EE. Then I would replace the lamp with a Malkoff M60 . This will be a great light, I have them on most of my rifles. For a mount I prefer the Elzetta mount  because it positions the light directly below the barrel where I prefer a light to be. There are lot's of other mounts that can be used as well. If you use a VFG on the rail the Elzetta mount will place the light right in front of it and all it takes is a slight movement to activate the light. You may prefer a offset light, Troy, Gear Sectors, and Vtac make great mounts. Light placement changes from user to user, what works for me may not work for someone else. Next would be a Sling, all SD rifles need a good sling. I prefer a 2 point, I use the VTAC padded sling and I love it. You tube has several  videos on different slings to watch them and buy what works for you. You will also need a set of BUIS. You just need the rear mount because you already have the Front Sight on the rifle. Troy BUIS are my favorite. After this you need a optic. I love Eotech's , but Aimpoint also makes a quality optic. For a VFG I use the Grip pod, these can be had in the EE for under $50. This is as far as you need to go in my opinion. If you have question just IM me and I will help you all I can. Congrats on purchasing  a quality rifle.
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