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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/17/2003 7:44:00 PM EDT
How do I clean the inside of the bolt carrier where the carrier and bolt meet?
Link Posted: 8/17/2003 7:51:10 PM EDT
what I do is drop the bolt carrier body into a pan of parts cleaner and let it set a couple of hours. Extract from cleaner and run a .45 cal. nylon bore brush in and around, rinse and done.
Link Posted: 8/18/2003 4:39:08 AM EDT
I don’t worry too much about it. Every once in a while, I’ll run a .45 bronze bore brush around to loosen things up. The brush is a little too small, so I use sideways pressure. Then I’ll wrap a couple of patches around the .45 brush, use some solvent, and mop up the carbon. Follow with dry patches and then a patch with a little lubricant on it. There is an internal, circular corner at the rear end of the bolt hole in the carrier that is hard to get at without a special tool. It’s probably not worth worrying about, but if you want to clean it a sharpen wood dowel will do.
Link Posted: 8/18/2003 5:07:05 AM EDT
A few twists with an M1 Garand chamber brush and it looks like new in mine. Especially in the very back of the carrier where most of the carbon is.
Link Posted: 8/18/2003 5:35:50 AM EDT
The chromed part in front where the bolt rides doesn't seem to get very dirty if well lubed. It just wipes off. The rear area is a little more challenging. Nothing like a little solvent(Shooters Choice) on a pipe cleaner to get this area acceptably clean. On the outside a scotchbrite pad or nylon toothbrush works sufficiently.
Link Posted: 8/19/2003 4:18:37 PM EDT
Be careful when cleaning the inside of the bolt carrier where the rear of the bolt comes through. There is a small chanel machined into the carrier to allow the action of the bolt to act like a squeege to remove powder buildup. The Army taught me to clean the inside of the bolt carrier with a cotton patch wrapped around the small end of the green GI cleaning brush. Powder solvent works wonders to remove the fouling without alot of scrubbing.
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