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Posted: 5/15/2003 3:07:42 AM EST
Can I use a bore snake and clp like I do with my chrome lined ar. I will be using Wolf non corrosive ammo in 7.62x54. Or do I have to scrub with a bore brush? Thanks
Link Posted: 5/15/2003 4:06:26 AM EST
If removing the copper produced by the bullet jackets from the bore is [b]NOT[/b] a priority w/ ya, then I see no reason same procedure your using won't work. Personally I clean my bores, chrome-lined or not, making every attempt to remove the copper from the lands. CLP will not do this, and whether ya realize it or not copper build up will eventually effect the accuracy of your rifles. Sweets 7.62 is my choice for bore cleaner and I prefer to clean my rifle while still warm from shooting (NOT HOT, as this melts the nylon bore brushes). Using a Dewey rod and Ray-Vin bore guide from GPSS, about 40-50, strokes, (down and back = one stroke) creates a nice blue froth, (repeating this process if necessary)which is rinsed clean w/ SuperTech 2000 carb cleaner (from Walmart, BTW a shot or two down the gas-tube removes any Sweets, from the stroking, and all carbon, keeping your GT squeeky clean). The Break Free I save for lubing after cleaning is done, and I don't consider the barrel clean until ALL visible copper residue is gone, gone, gone...... no matter whether it's my plinkin rifle or my high dollar custom bolt rifles w/ Krieger barrels. Mike
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