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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/21/2003 4:54:20 PM EST
Ok, I got curious the other night and decided to see if a Ciener kit would fir in my DR200.

After all, it is a 1:12 twist, and the Ciener kit 'looked' like it would fit ok.

Well...it did fit ok, except for about an extra 1/2" inch of clearance at the back of the kit near the buttstock.

No problem, I thought, I can 'make' a spacer to close that gap and seat it fully forward.

Ok problem solved (theoretically), but what about charging the first round? The DR200 does not have a charging handle, it is a side cocker.

Has anyone else ever tried a Ciener kit in a Daewoo?

I got nervous when I realized that I was close to actually 'trying' the contraption. I have only 1 DR200, and with parts being tough to come by...I hated to make the final step and actually load a round and pull the trigger.

Ideas? Anyone else already tried this?

I think I can use a wooden dowel to open the bolt and chamber the first round. After that, is there any reason why it would not be safe to fire?

Link Posted: 7/26/2003 10:11:45 AM EST
I would not pull the trigger initially with a live 22lr round in the chamber. I assume the spacer is in the back of the bolt carrier? If the chamber face mates up good: (test it by coating a 22lr round in graphite or grease and observing the marks made in the coating by the chambering process) The next step is to try it with an empty or dummy casing. With a fired casing you can measure the primer impact on the casing rim to ensure that it punches reliably. After that, I'd try it with a 22LR that had the bullet taken off, and powder removed (rimfire primer only). Working up to a live round at a time, then two, etc. Chances are a 22LR firint OOB or even exploding even partially in the chamber would damage only the ciener kit anyway, even that would be a stretch. I'd caution you to do this experiment with the utmost of caution, firing only when you are far behind, or on the closed side of the rifle, with a trigger string, and use protective eyewear, gloves, etc. Videotape the chamber at high zoom through plexiglass if you need to see it working, or study it. Don't dare stick your proboscis in there. -- Fargo
Link Posted: 7/26/2003 11:42:55 AM EST
Wait a minute. We are talking about a .22LR here. Its not going to blow up in your face. Worst case senario the addaptor doesn't fit all the way into the chamber and you have a little air gap between the end of the adaptor and the rifled bore. Big deal. The whole addaptor is smoothe bore anyway. Not sure, but I think the the smoothe bore is ovesized, so you really have about 2" of free flight anyway. Shoot one and see what happens. There isn't enough power in a .22LR to do any harm. Let us know if it works. Sounds fun.
Link Posted: 7/27/2003 1:24:17 PM EST
Nope, I tried it today. The way the DR200 secures the upper and lower half prevents the kit from functioning. Oh well. TRG
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