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Posted: 9/27/2007 6:17:32 PM EST
I see it for 159.00 from cheaper than dirt. Is this a good match trigger for my bushy and does anyone know the trigger pull. It also appears to be a 1 piece drop in, is this true as well? Thanks!
Link Posted: 9/27/2007 7:52:56 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/27/2007 8:00:33 PM EST by AB18162]
I recently installed one. It has just a bit more take up than my Timney. It is smooth and breaks clean. It is an improvement over a stock trigger. I can smooth out a standard trigger but it would be difficult to reduce the take up and reset to these aftermarket triggers. I do like it so far. I have about 500 rounds through the AR since installing it. I like the concept of the drop in trigger for ARs so I am doing my own evaluation of them. If I do have any issues with either, I will post my findings.

One note is the only thing I use different on the CMC trigger is that I use KNS pins. I am not sure about the clips but am more familiar with the KNS pins and use them.
Link Posted: 9/30/2007 7:22:51 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/30/2007 7:41:52 PM EST
My CMC just arrived the other day but haven't installed it yet. I have a 3 pound Timney solid in one of my M4geries. Very nice trigger!
Link Posted: 10/5/2007 4:08:34 PM EST
I installed a CMC 2 stage flat in my m4 last year. Big improvement, smooth and crisp. Felt nice on the range and CQB. Unfortunately last month it double fired on me. I immediately sent it back to CMC. They've had it a couple of weeks now but their Gunsmith still hasn't had a chance to look at it. So at this point all I can say is I liked the trigger until it "doubled" on me and I'm not overly thrilled with their customer support.

I'll keep you posted on whether they correct the problem.

Link Posted: 10/7/2007 5:09:53 AM EST
Originally Posted By RainierArms:
If you can get a chance, try to feel the Chip and also the Timney. For me, the Timney feels nicer overall. The downside to Timney right now is that they've had some quality control issues.

Tell me about it, my Timney (solid 3lb.) has started sticking after 500 rounds...beautifully machined, wish it worked! SCrewed up my weekend shoot plans, not alot of $200 FCG's lying around
Link Posted: 10/10/2007 8:58:06 AM EST
I prefer the KAC 2 stage trigger. I had two Chip McCormick triggers and was not very pleased. Once became a long single stage trigger, while the other one was not very smooth and had too much over travel.

Link Posted: 10/10/2007 3:13:15 PM EST
Just hopped on and already posted "just bought a timney trigger" I am sure theirs are great too, but mad kudos to the timney. Ben
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