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Posted: 6/18/2007 5:26:26 PM EST

I know it's been discussed before, topics have come up before about it, but there hasn't been a definitive, or even general consensus type answer that I could divine out of the situation, so let me ask it once more, so I can make a quick decision about what I need to do:

At what point should a bolt be "married" to it's barrel? i.e. After how many rounds of firing should a once brand new bolt, having been used in a used barrel never be seperated from that barrel? Is it even a round count threshold kind of thing? I've got what was originally a brand new bolt when I got a hold of it, that I threw into a used barrel, but now I'm thinking about swapping barrels out again for another used barrel. At what point, though, should I just give up that idea, and call it quits, and just buy a new bolt for the new (used) barrel?

At this point, the (once) new bolt has less than 500 rounds on it, but I still like to shoot, and I don't see any reason not to shoot while waiting on a new barrel. But maybe there is one...


Link Posted: 6/18/2007 5:57:09 PM EST
I've swapped bolts and bolt carrier assemblies many times in trouble shooting rifles. Never a problem.

And with only 500 rnds, yours is still like new.
Link Posted: 6/18/2007 6:08:11 PM EST
When it wont headspace propperly you probably should not use it. Ohterwise it wont matter if you use it in multiple barrels.
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