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Posted: 12/22/2003 1:22:30 PM EDT
I'm trying to help out my favorite FFL with a AR he has.
The lower is a Bushmaster POSTban lower, but I don't think that its a BM upper.
The upper (A2) has a M on the right side just in front of the rear sight, no other markings, the barrel has SUM with 556 under it, unst after the front sight, and the handguards are some kind of thin-feeling cheep plastic.
The barrel also has a bayo lug on it but the tits have been machined (not filed) off, and the end of the barrel has a comp that looks like a flash hider but isn't open on the bottom, is welded on and is oversized(a bayonet won't fit over the end)

What do you guys think? and is the bayonet lug OK the way it is?  A bayonet can't lock but can still fit onto the lug BUT the oversized comp won't let the bayonet fit on the gun anyway.

So what do you guys think?

Link Posted: 12/22/2003 1:41:46 PM EDT
Link Posted: 12/22/2003 1:48:54 PM EDT
M=[url=martinmarietta.com]Martin Marietta[/url], the forging contractor.
Link Posted: 12/22/2003 2:04:32 PM EDT
Olympic [B]Stainless Ultra Match[/B]
WOW, is that an above normal barrel?
The outer part of the barrel is blued, so just the inner is stainless?
You guys think that the whole upper may be Olympic?

Should the FFL have a higher than plain price becasue the bareel is a Stainless Match barrel?

Link Posted: 12/22/2003 4:21:47 PM EDT
The barrel is teflon coated SS, these barrels do have a good reputation. Probably an Oly upper.
Link Posted: 12/22/2003 5:16:38 PM EDT
The Olympic SUM barrels do cost more - here's their page on barrels: [url]http://www.olyarms.com/bblret.html[/url]. Does the muzzle brake look anything like what's at the bottom of that page?

Unfortunately, your dealer has a Franken-AR and while the SUM barrel does cost more, it's gain is probably offset by the fact that the rifle might be a parts gun.
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