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Posted: 4/4/2006 10:56:27 AM EDT
I am doing the planning for a flattop upper (A3), but do not have the funds for an aimpoint etc. Will a $15 Cheapo BSA scope from Walmart work? I need something to get by until i can buy better optics or a BUIS. Do I need anything extra to mount this scope? It already comes with rings. I assume the A3 upper already has a mount.
Link Posted: 4/4/2006 11:19:37 AM EDT
Link Posted: 4/4/2006 11:22:12 AM EDT
Thanks Boom, could you point me in the right direction to finding a riser?
Link Posted: 4/4/2006 11:36:09 AM EDT
Link Posted: 4/4/2006 1:35:05 PM EDT
Thanks again Boom. I know there must be a huge difference from my $15 scope to a high priced low power or ACOG scope, but what am I really paying for? better optics or better ruggedness? I have never used anything else than my "cheapo" so I don't know what I am missing out on. Will the $15 scope break after awhile or is it okay for pratice shooting and ocassional hunting?
Link Posted: 4/4/2006 2:06:31 PM EDT
most of the cheap optics usually dont fair well with the recoil and abuse but some work just fine for range shooting.

with the higher end optics you pay for proven ruggedness and far better quality, basically better everything overall.

+1 for brightflashlights in the industry forum, great guy to deal with with great prices.
Link Posted: 4/4/2006 2:06:35 PM EDT
A scope such as a Aimpoint is miles above a Walmart special el-cheapo scope, you get a crystal clear optic which will work years without problems. I used a Aimpoint ML2 for 4years, no problems and I recently got a Aimpoint CompM3, lovely stuff.

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