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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 12/21/2005 8:27:19 AM EDT
I saw this rail system and have become quite attracted to it... Anyone know what kind it is/who makes it?

It looks like the Delta Ring is still attatched to, so I'm doubting it's free-floated. This is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for, for my new rifle.

Link Posted: 12/21/2005 8:28:47 AM EDT
pic doesn't work
Link Posted: 12/21/2005 8:28:50 AM EDT
Looks like it's made by the "Red "X" in a Box" company. I think DPMS carries them.
Link Posted: 12/21/2005 8:32:00 AM EDT
Link Posted: 12/21/2005 8:34:08 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/21/2005 8:35:01 AM EDT by olds442tyguy]
I'm not that good with identifying rail systems, and that picture isn't that clear. KAC maybe?

ETA: Nevermind, see post above mine.
Link Posted: 12/21/2005 8:34:27 AM EDT
Okay now I see it. USMC uses Knights as far as I know.
Link Posted: 12/21/2005 8:59:59 AM EDT
All I see is a Big RED X.
Link Posted: 12/21/2005 9:11:51 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/21/2005 9:12:53 AM EDT by brushdog]
Link Posted: 12/21/2005 10:02:54 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/21/2005 10:04:41 AM EDT by joe1972]
Link Posted: 12/21/2005 11:02:20 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/21/2005 11:03:05 AM EDT by Duffy]

Link Posted: 12/21/2005 4:40:29 PM EDT
Link Posted: 12/21/2005 6:32:51 PM EDT
Ahhh thanks gentlemen, really appreciate it!

Yes, they're gorgeous... GORGEOUS rifles. I'm trading my Colt Match Target 6700 for the Bushmaster AR15A3 20", with removeable carry handle so I can make it look like Duffy and New-arguy's rifles (And that Marine's rifle as well :-) ).

Can't wait! Thanks again guys. Sorry for the red "x"... Don't know why the pics work for some people and others can't see them.

Link Posted: 12/22/2005 4:28:12 AM EDT
To make it really authentic, you need the issued removable muzzle device too.....

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