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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/28/2003 7:21:15 PM EST
well I hope this is the right place to post this but I would like to learn some about camo finishes, starting with, are they worth it, I definitely know I love the look of it, bit are they water resistant and oil resistint, ect....?
2. what one is the best and most reasonable?
The two I have seen are polymax and duracoat, which is better and can someone give me a estimated price to get a ar-15 carbine done?
I am sure there is a price differene between solid and mixed colors, if possible i would like an estimation of both,

thanks, I appriciate the help.
Link Posted: 6/28/2003 7:31:39 PM EST
woohoo, sumone ask sumthing i know sumthing about..lol [img]http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid60/p02fd8d3bb1c40d2b73774fde06f97736/fc479156.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid60/p6b36b80306374167922aa84d9cd3f668/fc4790e3.jpg[/img] [url]http://www.sasarmory.com/sasincfirearms/sasincfirearms.html[/url] all pricing for all your questions are on the site. steve is super cool to talk to.
Link Posted: 6/28/2003 7:57:57 PM EST
I did find the price on the duracoat it is 250, and those where 225 i believe, But I live in Illinois and the people who do the duracoat are only an hour away, If possible can someone tell me what they think of the duracoat?
Link Posted: 6/28/2003 8:02:32 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/28/2003 9:04:15 PM EST
Two more rifles that are the result of Bowflage... [img]http://home.bak.rr.com/varmintcong/20in/AR15camor.jpg[/img] [img]http://home.bak.rr.com/varmintcong/ar10/AR10A4r.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 6/28/2003 9:51:02 PM EST
Anybody know what company does Armalite's camo rifles?
Link Posted: 6/28/2003 11:09:20 PM EST
die-trying, Do you mind me asking what kind of muzzle device is on your AR in the pic. I'm looking at just about everything. IM me or email me if you eant to. TIA, TS
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 2:36:41 AM EST
die-tryin,that's one of the nicest camo jobs I've ever seen.
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 6:03:09 AM EST
[Last Edit: 6/29/2003 6:04:31 AM EST by die-tryin]
thank you..they did a good job,,it actually looks better in person,the brake is a LEVANG lenear compensator. works well.
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 6:39:13 AM EST
Bowflauge, ?> what exactly is this stuff, and how long does it last, doesnt it wreck the blueing at all?
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 6:56:57 AM EST
Where's the best place to get Bowflage?
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 7:54:18 AM EST
where can i find bowflage? TIA
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 10:22:49 AM EST
Originally Posted By dragthewaters: Bowflauge, ?> what exactly is this stuff, and how long does it last, doesnt it wreck the blueing at all?
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There is no "blueing" on an AR.[;)]
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 10:52:51 AM EST
Email sent
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 11:33:03 AM EST
I've seen cammo AR's trying to sell on gunbroker for months now...the price is always going down. Personally I think the AR-15 is a tool and not an art project. If you want to do anything cammo, do the furniture. That way when you get sick of looking at it, you can replace it pretty cheap. Unless you're planning on going into guerilla warfare deep in the rainforest, it's unnecessary and devalues the rifle. May as well buy a pair of cammo panties to match.
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 11:59:14 AM EST
welp, i beg to differ. as far as value goes, my camo job is mil-spec like w/life time warranty, so i dont see how value could go down, also, the AR that i did was a built AR, the upper and lower didnt come anywhere near matching, so i jus thought it would be cool..why did i do it...CAUSE I CAN..that simple.lol.but it isnt for everyone, my camo job is permenant which is fine by me,, i do have another BLACK gun, lol. the bowflage is neat cause it can be changed.
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 12:21:06 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/29/2003 12:26:25 PM EST by Cixelsyd]
Originally Posted By PosterBoy: ...[red] I[/red]...[red] is a tool and [/red] ...[red] May as well buy a pair of cammo panties[/red]...
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[LOLabove] CHRIS
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 12:35:38 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 12:44:41 PM EST
Originally Posted By PosterBoy: I've seen cammo AR's trying to sell on gunbroker for months now...the price is always going down. Personally I think the AR-15 is a tool and not an art project.
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I've got 2 camo AR's that always get lots of compliments.As far as devaluing the weapon,the only weapon I ever sold was a HK91.I learned a hard lesson about selling a weapon.I add to my collection,not subtract from it.
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 12:46:39 PM EST
Not to mention I do NOT plan on ever selling my rifles. The camo comes in handy when you might be out shooting in the foothills of Ca. Some idiot can't make out the outline of your rifle and automatically identify it as an AR15 due to it's black outline. Would much rather them think it was just another rifle, hell if they'd be able to tell any different by the way I typically fire which is slow and controlled and hard to distinquish from any other bolt action. It's not so much that I personally am trying to hide or play sniper. It's just that I would rather not give away the exact type of firearm I am shooting unless said do-gooder is ballsy enough to approach within about 25 yards of me so they can identify my rifle. By that time I'm gonna be aware of them and be able to find out what their beef is that they are so concerned about. As mentioned earlier, Bowflage is removable and having done it before a person could remove it and get back down to the original finish for resale.
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 12:56:35 PM EST
oh yeah, i know what ya mean, when im at the range, even the seasoned ppl cant tell what kinda rifle i have, i usually have my EOTECH on top. yipper there are many aspects of camo, no necessarily to hide, but to make sumthing unrecognizable. lol.
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 2:34:57 PM EST
Originally Posted By die-tryin: yipper there are many aspects of camo, no necessarily to hide, but to make sumthing unrecognizable. lol.
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YUP, often overlooked... Kinda like the old SNL spoof comercial for the luxory car "Cameleon" where the car looked like a trashed out hoopty on the outside but was the model of elegance on the inside. Sometimes it's wise to not want to attract attention or atleast not much more than is considered typical for a given area.
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 5:25:45 PM EST
IMO (my O is never H) just camoing the stock, handguard and pistol grip would just make the AR profile stick out even more. I'd probably have to go bowflage on mine because I'm so damned fickle I'd want something different every two weeks. TS
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 6:01:04 PM EST
What does the military use? Seems like alot of their SF groups have their weapons sprayed rather haphazardly but effectively. Almost like they let the thickness of the spray create the effect. You can see it in much of the desert tan cammo's they have been suing in Afghanistan and Iraq!
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 6:12:37 PM EST
Originally Posted By TREETOP: There's a guy here on the boards who goes by the name GreenMountainPatriot. He sell BowFlage pretty cheap. As far as devaluing the rifle, I couldn't care less- I've got plenty more.
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If you can buy it from GreenMountainPatriot, buy it. He's a good guy. TS
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 6:18:37 PM EST
I would recommend striping the bowflage ever 6 months. I left some bowflage on my .220 Swift for about a year and I had to go get some paint stripper to get it off. It did come off easy but I prefer the ease of mineral spirits that bowflage normally comes off with. Aside from that, Bowflage is cheap and you can vary your camo pattern to match the terrain and seasons.
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 6:22:19 PM EST
Yeah, I decided I am not gonna get it done I am going to get a S.I.R instead
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 6:27:36 PM EST
Originally Posted By Horik: What does the military use?
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Bowflage.... What you see happening with the patterns is some of the top layers fading/wearing away to expose other colors that may be beneath the pattern. Like doing the entire rifle in a lighter sand brown as a base cote and then over the top putting stripes of either coyote brown or light green/greys. The stuff isn't overly durable and sections that see high useage/exposure will wear away, kinda like holster wear. After you get a little experience with what areas of the rifle see the most wear, you can almost plan for how the pattern will wear and change with time. More images and close ups of my rifles using bowflage can be found here. [url]http://home.bak.rr.com/varmintcong/Rem700[/url] [url]http://home.bak.rr.com/varmintcong/20in/bushmaster20.html[/url] [url]http://home.bak.rr.com/varmintcong/ar10/ar10a4.html[/url] Oh, I forgot, one other reason why some of us wind up paint our guns, some of us can't stand having black rifles...
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 6:41:44 PM EST
Well, being the do-it-yourselfer that I am, I camoed my AR myself. It only took about 2-3 hours to do the whole thing, plus 3 mags, 2 cheapo little scopes, 1 A2 buttstock, and my other upper/barrel assembly. I just went to wal-mart and bought a couple cans of the KRYLON CAMOFLAUGE PAINT SYSTEM and it works just fine. The biggest deal in doing it yourself is the prep work. [img]http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-6/201978/c2.JPG[/img]
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 6:51:36 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/29/2003 6:52:07 PM EST by underdog75]
Had a buddy do my Mossberg 590 in Duracoat and its the s**t [img]HTTP://users.adelphia.net/~masine/mossberg.jpg[/img] .......UNDERDOG
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 7:25:27 PM EST
Heh, here's my 870... Teflon/Moly finish, stinks up the house something fierce. [img]http://home.bak.rr.com/varmintcong/870P/870Pr.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 6/30/2003 5:04:23 AM EST
You guys should check out my AR-180B all como'd up in the AR-180/AR-10 board, I used Krylon paint.
Link Posted: 6/30/2003 6:02:33 AM EST
Go ahead and post it here,,,,Hell weve all ready hijacked this thread.........lol
Link Posted: 7/1/2003 11:19:27 AM EST
Originally Posted By Gogi: [url]http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-6/201978/c2.JPG[/url]
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Probably one of the better ones I've seen. Large areas break up easier at distance. The tiny little patterns are useless at distance. On the flip side, most guys are doing it to simply make their weapon a bit different than everyone elses, and that is fine too.
Link Posted: 7/1/2003 12:28:20 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/1/2003 12:29:09 PM EST by uglygun]
One of the pics of my AR10 in a suitable environment instead of shown against the Desert 3color BDUs earlier in the thread. Also pretty fitting against woodland BDUs, just didn't have any available at the time I took the original pictures. [img]http://home.bak.rr.com/varmintcong/ar10/AR10A4od.jpg[/img]
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