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Posted: 9/16/2005 7:24:44 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/16/2005 7:25:58 AM EDT by chris157c]
I called this morning to make sure my order went through. Got a horrible message of a girl sounding like she was about to cry saying the owner is in the hospital, but they would still be taking orders, and you could e-mail them.

If you've ever bought anything from these guys you know they are excellent in making your purchase pleasant. I suggest e-mails with get well in the subject line are in order...

ETA: Mods if this doesn't belong here please move it. I just know they deal with a lot of AR-15 parts so I thought people might wonder why there stuff is being delayed, if is is at all...
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 7:29:08 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/16/2005 7:33:28 AM EDT by NYPatriot]
"Eagle Arms", as in the subdivision of Armalite???

Are you saying that Mark Westrom is injured?
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 7:29:29 AM EDT
chris rose? shit, i hope not, he's one of the good guys.................
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 7:30:19 AM EDT

Originally Posted By NYPatriot:
"Eagle Arms", as in the subdivision of Armalite???

Link Posted: 9/16/2005 7:31:46 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/16/2005 7:35:05 AM EDT by Aimless]
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 7:35:09 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/16/2005 7:35:25 AM EDT by chris157c]

Originally Posted By TexRdnec:


This one. They offer AR-15 parts from RRA and Stag, and they offer Accessories, and a few other guns as well. I ordered a Remington 700P this morning and never got the confirmation e-mail, so that's why I called...
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 7:43:40 AM EDT
They just had a baby not to long ago. I hope its not serious.
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 7:51:09 AM EDT
Chris Rose was in fact recently in the hopsital.
Ryan at Eaglre Firearms, the EE dealer not the Firearm manufacturer, is answering their e-mails, and has stated that Chris is expected home soon if not already. My last interaction w/ Ryan was on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and he expected Chris Home on Wednesday but I have not heard anything further.

Chris and Kendra Rose are both great to deal w/ as delaers, and are both "good guys" in terms of all of our fight to keep America a great country. They did indeed recently welcome a new baby into the world, and they should all be in our prayers until their familiy is "in the clear".

Good luck Chris and Kendra...you're in our thoughts and prayers....

Link Posted: 9/16/2005 8:16:35 AM EDT
Chris and Kendra are the Best !!!!

My Prayers are with them, and there familiy.
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 8:25:05 AM EDT
Chris is a great individual and salesperson. He's the one I got my 1st stripped lower & upper from a while back.

I hope he gets well soon.
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 8:31:08 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/16/2005 8:31:17 AM EDT by mongo001]

Originally Posted By Bandit68:
Chris and Kendra are the Best !!!!

My Prayers are with them, and their familiy.

Link Posted: 9/16/2005 8:31:43 AM EDT
Tag cause Chris is a great man
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 8:45:39 AM EDT
I pray all is well, Chris is a great guy and excellent dealer and on top of that a fellow Coloradoian.

Prayers sent!
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 8:53:44 AM EDT
My praryers go out for this great company and family!
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 9:07:39 AM EDT
I've used these guys almost exclusively for my first build. Can't say enough good things about their service/products and the people running it.

Get well soon!
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 9:14:44 AM EDT
Tagged to find out if Chris is okay.
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 9:19:58 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/16/2005 9:20:18 AM EDT by Cato]
Yep- great company!! Hope that he is alright!
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 9:31:55 AM EDT
hope its nothing serious....


Link Posted: 9/16/2005 9:43:58 AM EDT
Get well Chris
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 10:16:02 AM EDT
I hope it's not serious.

Get well Chris
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 10:23:38 AM EDT
Good luck to him, I hope he recovers fully. I buy from him, he's a good guy.
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 11:03:57 AM EDT

Originally Posted By mongo001:

Originally Posted By Bandit68:
Chris and Kendra are the Best !!!!

My Prayers are with them, and their familiy.

Link Posted: 9/16/2005 11:36:11 AM EDT
Get well Chris, I enjoy doing buisiness with you.
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 11:51:05 AM EDT
Wow, I called today to check my order and got a busy signal so I came here to pass the time and WOW again...

I really hope everyone is ok, I've only talked to them once or twice but they seemed nice on the phone.

Maybe if I buy some more stuff from them they might feel a little better, it's tempting... hough
Get well Chris.

Link Posted: 9/16/2005 12:16:11 PM EDT

Originally Posted By ALPHAGHOST:
hope its nothing serious....



+1 They have worked hard to always do the right thing.

Speaking of which... need to buy something from them next week
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 12:18:51 PM EDT
He'll be in my prayers for sure. Great person, and a great place to do business with.
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 1:44:17 PM EDT

I bought my no-ban barrels and magazines from them and it was nothing less than a pleasure to deal with them.

I hope them the best!
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 1:50:32 PM EDT
Hope everything is OK, Chris.

Your ARFCOM family wishes you well.

Link Posted: 9/16/2005 2:25:23 PM EDT
Get well!!!!
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 2:29:11 PM EDT
Another wish to get well soon!

Great business and better people!
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 3:35:17 PM EDT
Is Chris alright? Every time I've talked to him he seems like a pretty good old boy, I hope he's doing well. hinking.gif
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 3:46:09 PM EDT
I am new here but and this was my first dealings with that co. but I just got off the phone with a Chris there, he sounded fine and was a great help. Maybe he was a Chris Jr. or somethinghe sounded kind of youngish.

Well whoever is in the hospital, I wish them my best and a speedy recovery.

Link Posted: 9/16/2005 4:42:53 PM EDT
Chris and Kendra sold me my one and only AR-15. Godspeed to recovery Chris!
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 6:34:40 PM EDT
All my best wishes and prayers go out to Chris and his family for a speedy recovery. You are in our thoughts.

Link Posted: 9/17/2005 12:54:33 AM EDT
Prayers sent, Get well.
Link Posted: 9/17/2005 2:56:18 AM EDT

Originally Posted By bolster:
He'll be in my prayers for sure. Great person, and a great place to do business with.

Link Posted: 9/17/2005 5:52:04 AM EDT

Originally Posted By martinmayhem:

Originally Posted By bolster:
He'll be in my prayers for sure. Great person, and a great place to do business with.



Link Posted: 9/17/2005 8:18:28 AM EDT
Hope his health improves soon!

Link Posted: 9/17/2005 3:23:42 PM EDT
I ordered 2 rra lowers on 9-14-05 and have received UPS tracking info and an order confirmation from Eagle so i assume everthing on the business end is okay.

Hope you get well soon
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 1:13:42 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/19/2005 8:36:26 AM EDT by GoAubie03]
Chris is one of the nicest guys I've had the pleasure of knowing. He walked me step by step through the purchase of my 1st and only AR-15 (to date). He gave me advice and answered any and all questions I had. He made it seem like I was talking to an old friend, rather than a sales person. He always told me to feel free to call again if I had any questions. He entertained my curiosity and questions for about 3 weeks before I finally made a purchase. Never once did he sound frustrated or upset that I was calling, yet again. My prayers go out to him, his wife and family. If anyone hears an update on his health, please let me know. He is a great guy. Get well soon.
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 4:21:13 PM EDT
They're truely a great dealer... when I ordered my lower reciever, I had to go back to school by a certain date but my first FFL forms were lost in the mail, I sent them again, and they airmailed the receiver to my FFL for no extra cost so I would get it before I left for school (though, that was over a year ago, and I just finished the AR this week).
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 5:03:54 PM EDT
Does anyone live near their shop? I was going to suggest a board member make a trip to see them personally and maybe get an update on who is ok? I know it's really none of our business but I'm sure it would put several peoples mind at ease.
Link Posted: 9/19/2005 8:52:49 AM EDT
I was up in Denver at the Mile High flea market this weekend but I had no idea what was going on with him. If I had known I could have stopped in since the flea market is only a couple of miles from their place. I bought my last RRA from them and I drove up (about 70 miles from my house) to the FFL holder they use to do the transfers. Chris picked up the cost of the transfer since I drove up to get the rifle. Hope he is feeling better. Their customer service (and prices) is one of the best in the business.
Link Posted: 9/19/2005 9:46:24 AM EDT
Any updates as to how Chris is doing?
Link Posted: 9/19/2005 11:36:22 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/19/2005 11:44:01 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/19/2005 11:44:33 AM EDT by EagleFirearms]
Link Posted: 9/19/2005 11:46:36 AM EDT
Awesome. Glad to hear the problems are under control.
Link Posted: 9/19/2005 1:11:00 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/19/2005 1:11:21 PM EDT by warriorsociologist]
Good to hear from you Chris. Hmm... I think I'll put in an order to "celebrate" .
Link Posted: 9/19/2005 1:24:01 PM EDT

I am glad to hear that you're okay. I recently purchased my first AR (and am extremely happy) and I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the great customer service I've received from your organization. I will definitely purchase from you again. Take care.

Link Posted: 9/19/2005 1:30:00 PM EDT
Good deal Chris, make sure you follow the Dr.'s orders to a "T" so you we wont have to worry about you anymore.

Link Posted: 9/19/2005 1:44:06 PM EDT
Plenty of people here sending their best out to Chris. He helped me last Friday (proabably didn't feel any too good ) but you would never have known from the super service and quick respones to my questions I received. You can't keep a good man down on the deck for long but you need to take it easy Chris.
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