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Posted: 8/25/2005 5:30:06 AM EDT
I was looking for a tactical sling for my SEBR. I came across the CQD Two Point Sling and have to say it look like a nice item. The only downside is it uses a 1" instead of a 1 1/2" nylon strap. It is a bit expensive after you add in the front/rear sling mounts, but looks to be something that would last a long time.

How many people here have tried this sling out? What do you think of the quality?

Link Posted: 8/25/2005 7:13:01 AM EDT
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Link Posted: 8/26/2005 5:08:52 AM EDT
I'm looking for a sling that can comfortably hold my rifle on long treks. I would also like a sling that is suited for participating in shooting events and/or drills.

I'm new to this so I think my excitement got a little ahead of my actual need for a specific type of sling. I also have had no exposure to any sort of training or shooting events yet, which makes it hard to pinpoint my exact needs I want to get from a certain sling system.

Link Posted: 8/26/2005 6:30:22 AM EDT
Me personally, I need it for my job.

No long humps here anymore. Now door kicking with SRT. I need it for CQB and a quick transition if need be.

Any suggestions would be helpful. The other guys (seasoned) aren't using them at all. "Never needed one before, I never got one."

I'm immediately suspect of that statement but will work through it.

Link Posted: 8/26/2005 7:27:57 AM EDT
Link Posted: 8/29/2005 7:52:03 AM EDT
Many thanks.......

Any recomendations? I'm looking hard at the Specter "MOUT."
Link Posted: 8/29/2005 8:50:16 AM EDT
Thx for the recommendation. I was thinking that having a sling 1 1/2" webbing would give me better control of my rifle.

What do you think of the CST 3pt Sling over at Bravo Company? Can you suggest any other brands?

Link Posted: 8/29/2005 9:17:45 AM EDT
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Link Posted: 8/30/2005 4:34:57 AM EDT
That Blue Force Gear sling looks really sweet. It is more money, but I like how they have different adapters you can change out.

I really like how the CQD sling hooks up, would the SOC-C be able to take the same hookup/position? I figure sling position is a preference not really set in stone, but wanted to ask if this perticulat sling needs a certain mount style/position.

Link Posted: 8/30/2005 5:13:14 AM EDT
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Link Posted: 8/30/2005 6:00:35 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Fernley:
Many thanks.......

Any recomendations? I'm looking hard at the Specter "MOUT."

I have a MOUT. Its a great single point sling. But I like the HST better. Just a design / personal opinion thing. Both will work fine. But both are single point slings.

As stated, if you are walking, hiking, humping a ruck, etc., you really want a 3 point sling. If you are kicking doors and such, a single point is fine.

Get a sling that will fill your needs, not to check the box on the is it cool form. Think about how you really use it. Or will use it. Single points suck on long walks, or if you need your hands to do other things. But they can't be beat for entry duty.

My guns all wear 3 points as a rule, but they are all QD. So if my working carbine has to go through a door with me, the 3 point comes off and a single point goes on. My working rifle never goes through doors, it just watches them. So a 3 point is fine for what it does.

Link Posted: 8/30/2005 6:47:54 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/31/2005 5:01:23 AM EDT by mirror]

Originally Posted By JTrusty:

I really like how the CQD sling hooks up, would the SOC-C be able to take the same hookup/position?

Short answer, yes.

Regardless which sling you choose, you will have to specify which type of attachment you need which depends completely on your weapons configuration. The reason I suggested the SOC-C from Blue Force is because it allows for more options down the road. You can always pick up additional/different types of adapters as your needs change. I prefer modular systems for this very reason.

Another question. :-)

Is the SOC-C Modular Convertable Sling, the same sling in the Contractor set? I may not use everything in that set, but I am getting 2 HK style adapters anyway, so the total price will be $78 + shipping. Why not spend the extra $1.95 to get the set, right?

Also as far as using this mainly as a 3 point sling, would rear sling mount work or would it defeat the purpose? I was thinking of getting the push button adapter, but I would need to modify the stock with a quick detach mount.

Thx again for the help.

Link Posted: 9/1/2005 7:47:01 AM EDT
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