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Posted: 11/1/2004 10:39:53 AM EDT
I'm kind of confused about the whole CMMG/DPMS issue. I going to order an upper this week and was pretty set on CMMG, but what I don't understand is that after doing a search on DPMS about half of the responses are negative while every single CMMG response is positive. Doesn't CMMG use DPMS components, except I guess the barrel now? I know everybody says CMMG are great guys and I believe that, but what is it about CMMG that makes DPMS parts so much better because they came from CMMG? Aren't they no diiferent than DPMS parts from DPMS?

I was also looking at Ameetec's complete upper because they are local and in their words they use their own upper and DPMS/Green Mountain barrels and they are cheaper than CMMG. Is it the CMMG barrels that make them so good?

Again just curious about the actual parts, I already know they are good guys to work with.
Link Posted: 11/1/2004 11:49:31 AM EDT
CMMG is a DPMS dealer. A couple of years back, CMMG contracted DPMS to make a couple of runs of  "mil-spec type" M4 barrels that were chromelined 4150 steel with a 1/7 twist, that were marked "DPMS" under the handguards, and had cast FSB's. DPMS doesn't offer these options commercially. The barrels were such a big hit( I got one of the first batch) that CMMG has taken on the barrel production (or contracted it out) and the new ones are not DPMS, and have forged FSB's. CMMG does still use/sell DPMS parts.
Link Posted: 11/2/2004 8:06:12 AM EDT
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