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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/17/2006 5:37:39 PM EST
Sunday I bought a new SIG skeeto, and 6 bricks of CCI .22 lr standard velocity. Normally I run the remington golden bullet value packs through my P22 - I bought the CCI after reading that it was supposed to be high quality 22 ammo.

Shot approximately 400 rounds through the new SIG on sunday and experienced 40 or so FTF, and maybe 10 FTE (case jammed in action). After reading through the SIGforums and arfcom, I was worried that I had gotten a lemon skeeto as some people are claiming that they are very finicky.

To get a solid number on failures, I ran CCI again on Monday and kept count - 120 rounds fired, 23 FTFs, 7 FTEs. At this point I'm MFing SIG and kicking myself in the ass for buying on reputation. My 226 has never not gone bang.

Frustrated as hell, I brought out my AR and my P22 after work today to vent - brought the skeeto in case I needed a paperweight. Started shooting CCI through the P22, and to my suprise started having some FTFs here and there. The wheels started turning, so I loaded the skeeto up with some remington 22 golden bullets, and shot 300 rounds without a single FTF - it ran perfect. Then I loaded up 5 mags of CCI into the P22 again, started having really bad FTFs. By the 3rd and 4th magazine I had to manually cycle every single round into the chamber.

I think that some of the CCI ammo I have been using is underloaded causing the pistols to short stroke enough to allow the hammer to cock, but not enought to chamber a new round. Most of the time it has the energy to extract the case but sometimes doesn't. Very splotchy when it happens, can go 10-20 rounds without having a problem, then have 1 mag that won't cycle. Anyone else have this problem or am I crazy?

Ammo: CCI 22 LR Standard Velocity
Batch number: 2BY502

I'll know for sure tomorrow if the SIG is ok, going to run 500 rounds of remington through it. But after today I have the feeling that it will be fine - very fun pistol to shoot, if it passes tomorrow I can't wait to put a can on it.
Link Posted: 1/17/2006 9:00:39 PM EST
Not the fault of the ammo, your Skeeter & P22 just don't like CCI Standard Velocity so just don't use it anymore.

Two different types of 22lr , Rem Golden Bullet is High Velocity & CCI SV is Standard Velocity .
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