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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/27/2006 12:52:36 AM EST
besides the weight, what else are the differences between these two rifles? one of these is going to be my first AR so i believe if i knew the differences it would help persuade me one way or the other. Also, why is the Carbon 15 generally less expensive than the E2S M4?

thanks for any help. i love you all h.gif
Link Posted: 2/27/2006 1:39:39 AM EST
Not trying to be a smart-ass, but the original M4 is made by Colt.

Anyway, I assume you are talking about the Bushmaster M4 type carbine versus the Carbon 15. Between these two I would pick the M4 type, no contest. The Carbon 15 rifles have had several issues in the past, like bullet tips digging into the carbon fiber feedramps on the upper receiver, causing failures to feed. I don't know if this issue has been fixed, but personally I wouldn't sacrifice reliability for reduced weight, especially considering that the M4 type is very well balanced the way it is. The carbon fiber receiver is an answer looking for a question, if you ask me.
Link Posted: 2/27/2006 2:20:41 AM EST
The Carbon 15 has no forward assist for the bolt. That's just one off the top of my head.

This should be fun.
Link Posted: 2/27/2006 2:57:24 AM EST
I own a Bushy carbon pistol (97S) that has been flawless to date and is a great just for fun gun but my carbine is a M4gery and I wouldn't have it any other way.

My vote is for the tried and true M4gery.

Link Posted: 2/27/2006 3:17:34 AM EST
I have had no major problems with my type 97. however some have had problems. My brass defelector fell off, and the POS muzzle brake will not stay on in rapid fire. Just my 2 cents , but buy the standard version ES2.
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