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Posted: 5/4/2004 6:42:35 AM EST
Hi folks,

I'm looking at buying a Bushmaster 11.5" Barrel, 5.5" Flash Sup. Pre-Ban upper. My local gun dealer has an Olympic pre-ban lower with a collapsible stock that I would be picking up to mount the upper on. This would be my first pre-ban, and my first "assembled" AR, so I had a few questions:

Do any of you with Bushmaster/Olympic experience see any problems that I might have when combining an upper from one manufacturer, with a lower from another ?

Is it legal to have a collapsible stock on a pre-ban ?

What is a "fair" price to pay for a used pre-ban Olympic lower (which has a collapsible stock) ?

Link Posted: 5/4/2004 6:50:03 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/4/2004 6:50:59 AM EST by mr_wilson]
Should mate up just fine and NO problemo w/ collapsible stock on the pre-ban lower....... as to the price?????

Depending entirely on condition and pre-ban certification, $700-$900 at this time, is my guess.

Link Posted: 5/4/2004 9:43:36 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/4/2004 9:58:25 AM EST by JHaines]
Thanks for the information.

Several police officers shoot at the range where I generally go, what will I need to have handy to prove that the rifle is a pre-ban if one of them happens to ask ?

Also, just for the "classic look", I'll probably buy the upper that has the carry handle. I think I would like to mount an Aimpoint, but the only Aimpoint mounts I have seen extend forward from the carry handle. Do they make any that mount the Aimpoint straight onto the carry handle ?

Edit: Never mind, after doing a bit of looking, I found the A.R.M.S. #16A Carry Handle Aimpoint Mount.
Which leads me to ask - which Aimpoint will this fit ? Compact ?

Link Posted: 5/4/2004 10:33:43 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/4/2004 10:37:31 AM EST by mr_wilson]
Go with the A3 flat-top, JH, you'll have a much wide choice in optics and can always get it w/ the DCH (detachable carry handle A2 sight).

FWIW the best way to mount an Aimpoint on an A2 model is using the ARMS #39A2, with the Aimpoint setting on an ARMS #22M68 mount, (if you decide against my above suggestion)

And yes there is a mount to put the Aimpoint on the handle, unfortunately it'll be SO HIGH you'll not get a good cheek weld with it up there, which is why ya don't see many going that route....

As to the pre-ban issue www.ar15.com/content/legal/serialNumberList.html this link will take you to the "Information" area here onsite (see above).

Per the law your pre-ban lower must have been assembled as a "complete rifle" prior to Sept. 1994 in order to be a true pre-ban, not subject to the AWB.

You need nuthing other than the serial number for the police which for the most part wouldn't know their derrier from a hole in the ground about this issue, but the BATF is different. They may require proof in the form of dated material or notice from the maker of the lower that is is truly a pre-ban especially if the number is close.

Read the info area for more complete information, see "Pre-ban More than a Date"....

And stick w/ the flat-top you'll be glad ya did........

Link Posted: 5/4/2004 3:56:38 PM EST
With an 11.5 inch barrel, I would stick with irons and not worry about mounting optics. I would even go so far as to say and A1 upper as well, but I wouldn't worry about a flat-top.

Gives you a good excuse to buy a whole 'nother upper,
Which leads to a whole 'nother lower,
Which leads to...
Link Posted: 5/4/2004 4:35:00 PM EST

Do any of you with Bushmaster/Olympic experience see any problems that I might have when combining an upper from one manufacturer, with a lower from another ?

Lets see, (1) 1990 vintage Olympic Arms/SGW AR15 lower, (1) mystery funshow A1 upper, (1) 1990 vintage Bushmaster 11.5-5.5" barrel, ooops, where did that silly 5.5" get to?

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