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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 10/23/2003 7:53:32 PM EDT
Where is a good ($) place to get Bushmaster or custom Bushmaster upper??
Link Posted: 10/24/2003 1:30:29 AM EDT
Be warned Gunsmoke sells Bushmaster complete uppers but has been known to use a Bushmaster barrel (they are stamped B MP) and whatever extra parts he has to make the complete upper (according to some members) I bought my 1/7 Bushmaster M4 barrel from him but cancelled my order when I didnt like my phoe conversation and got a seperate upper reciver and barreled my upper myself.
Link Posted: 10/29/2003 6:33:28 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/29/2003 6:39:05 AM EDT by JMO]
that brings up a question. looked at a used bushmaster for sale yesterday. correct bushmaster lower, BMP marked barrell, split A on the upper receiver, NO markings at all on the carrier or bolt. Split A is olympic. does the Bushmaster paint marking on the bolt and carrier come off?
Link Posted: 10/29/2003 8:16:27 AM EDT
My Bushmaster full auto bolt and carrier cam with no markings at all. My upper which I ordered direct from them also has no markings. That is the big issue with BM is that nothing of theirs is marked.
Link Posted: 10/29/2003 11:26:43 AM EDT
Link Posted: 10/29/2003 12:48:04 PM EDT
I've heard that about Gunsmoke. I bought a couple uppers from them in 2000, and the receivers appear to be Bushmaster (they have the dry lube). I ordered a couple barrels from them a year or so ago, and their customer service was pretty bad.
Link Posted: 10/29/2003 5:29:36 PM EDT
I purchased a 14.5" complete M4A3 upper from a dealer today who said he ordered it from Bushmaster. The only marking on the flattop receiver is a single "keyhole" relief on the right side of the upper receiver. The bottom of the front sight rail next to the barrel was so close I had a very hard getting a side-sling adaptor to get through it. The bayo lug seems to be a bit oversized because I had to force the butt of the bayonet down to get it to lock in place. Then I had a heck of a time getting the darn thing back off! Is this likely from Bushmaster or a put-together like mentioned before?
Link Posted: 10/29/2003 9:42:56 PM EDT
my bushmaster bolt has mp stamped on the boltd that hold the key to the carrier. the bolts are staked in place too. all bushmaster uppers that i have seen also appear to have a 3 pointed crown on the left side of the front sight tower. weird yeah but check it. BILLYXM15
Link Posted: 10/30/2003 4:00:41 AM EDT
hmmmm that's interesting Troy, got my info from biggerhammer. my concern is that IF i were to purchase this fine used Bushmaster and wanted to sell it later, then i would have trouble convincing the buyer that it was indeed bushmaster. think after work i will go back to the pawnshop and look at the bolt and carrier again. billyxym15, is the 3 pt crown marking on the FRONT tower or the REAR tower? thanks
Link Posted: 10/30/2003 3:39:48 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/31/2003 6:20:54 AM EDT
YES the barrell is marked BMP 5.56 1/9. has the 3 point crown on FSB. looked at carrier group again this time thru a magnifying glass, no markings whatsoever. thanks
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