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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/19/2006 9:26:03 PM EST
Thinking of buying one, but now they've jacked the price up to $318. Is it worth it or not?

Link Posted: 3/20/2006 5:22:44 AM EST

I did buy one about 10 years ago. Use the list as a guideline to buy only what you need.
You can find some items better and cheaper elsewhere. You can download all the AR-15 manuals you need for free here under the INFORMATION tab above.

The stuff I still use:the punch set, the headspacing guages, the reciever vise blocks,
and the barrel vise blocks.

The stuff that was garbage: the armorer's wrench, the CAR stock wrench, the cleaning kit.
I have yet to run into an A1 front sight to use the sight tool on, I'm sure that's $20 I didn't
need to spend right there.
Link Posted: 3/20/2006 5:26:21 AM EST
I was just thumbing throught BM's new product catalog - $30 for a hogue pistol grip!

Their prices are a little high. I agree, use the list as a guide. You can pick up the components separatly for cheaper.
Link Posted: 3/20/2006 5:43:25 AM EST
what are you planning on doing with ar's. doing some barrel changes and such? I have built up probly 1000+ M16A2's. there is really not many parts ya need. here is the list of stuff that comes with the bushy kit. most i think is useless unless ya have nothing. it has a guncare kit and extra springs and stuff.

"Total assembly and disassembly for the professional! Includes: Armorers Action Block Kit; Lower Receiver Vise Block; Combo Wrench; Dual Slot Vise Jaw Blocks; Drift Punch Set; Rifle Cleaning Kit; .223 Headspace Gauges: Go/No-Go/Field; Firing Pin Protrusion Gauge; A1 and A2 Sight Tools; 200 page M16 A2 Marine Corps. Technical Manual; M16 A1 Technical Manual; Armorer's Video; Tetra Gun Care Kit; 2 complete spring packages with both carbine and rifle buffer springs, and an assortment of pins, detents, screws, Receiver Push Pin Tool and caps to make assemblies and installations fast and foolproof. Cost of components purchased separately would equal $325 - a great value!

The action block is a must! I like the design that clamps from the bottom. I actually have the one bushmaster sells. Some come with a piece that goes inside the receiver to support it from crushing. I’ve never had a problem with crushing a receiver.

Lower receiver vise block. I guess could have a use but I have never had a need to use one.

Receiver wrench is nice. I have the older ones from bushy that have the car wrench separate from the main wrench. Cost more but wrenching stuff is easier since you hav a better handle to work with since it does not have the car hook on the end of it. Though in the military we use the simple $11 gov’t wrench for thousands of guns. The fancy wrenches are nice, I have one, but is not necessary. The combo wrench bushy sales are for the older pin type receiver extension nut. The newer ones are a slotted castle type nut. Bushy sales that wrench to for $6. If I was going all out I would get a nice armor’s wrench like DPMS. It does all that my 2 wrenches does a more. It also has more of a handle than the bushy one. Then get the RRA castle nut style stock wrench also. There you’re covered for both styles of nuts.

Aluminum barrel blocks I think are useless. I have never used them and cant think of a reason to use them. That’s why I have my action block.

Drift punch set. Nice if you don’t own any punches. But pricy for 4 punches. Starett punches are great and I have a large set of them. Any punches will do but I would recommend getting a set of roll pin punches also. I use them more than the regular punches. They have nipple that keeps the pin from deforming. Brownells has a 7 piece kit for $25. NOW THAT IS A GOOD INVESTMENT. Brownells also has the Starett punches for less than bushy.

Cleaning kit. Unnecessary. You should have one already.

Headspace gauges. The AF only uses the field gauge when checking m16a2’s. I have all three gauges. The field is kind of useless if you going the go and no go route. The field is greater than the no go and is the absolute largest for a safe chamber. I use a field gauge

A1 and A2 sight tools. I have the bushy ones. Some people say there weak but I have not had a problem. I would get the A1 one and get a separate A2 front sight one. Someone on the board has them out of stainless. The large ends on the bushy ones both adjust the rear a1 sight.

Firing pin protrusion gauge. I have one and use it quite a bit. I mix and match stuff all the time and like to know for certain my stuff is good. Handy when ya get a used part with unknown rounds. The bushy one $15 is half of brownells price $30

Receiver pushpin tool. I have one it’s a life saver installing the front pivot pin.

The tech manual I have one from bushy but never use it. You can download more current versions off AR15.com. All the info you need is on the site.

The video I don’t know about. Wouldn’t think it would show my anything I didn’t already know. I used the tutorials on ar15.com to build my first AR just fine.

Tetra gun care kit. Useless you should already have one.

So there are things in the kit I believe are useless filler. You can piece together a quality kit for a lot less.

You need some snap ring pliers for taking the delta ring off and on. Should be able to get these at the store for about $15

Heres what I would get with rough prices. Shopping around at the major stores. Actually I would get most from brownells since I get a discount for being an armorer. You get a dealer discount for being an armorer, FFL holder, business and a lot of different things. May even get it for being a cop or military. The discount is pretty good and I have not factored that in.

Action block $40
Action wrench $40
RRA stock wrench $6
Roll pin punches $25
Standard punches $20
Headspace gauges $20-$90 depending on how many ya get. I would get all 3.
Firing pin gauge $15
Receiver pushpin / takedown pin tool $8
Sight tools, nice but not a necessity. I use them often. $16
Snap ring pliers $15

That’s $275 and I think you are getting more bang for your buck. You can get it for $205 if you get just a field gauge.

Im sure there are some other things that I have left out but that is my two cents and an hour of my life writing that.

Link Posted: 3/20/2006 6:42:40 AM EST
I have been looking for a tools list - thank you

it was an hour well spent
Link Posted: 3/20/2006 12:24:31 PM EST
The DPMS kit is $100 cheaper. Don't know if it contains the same tools though.

Link Posted: 3/20/2006 2:00:05 PM EST
May i suggest,if you have not purchaced a barrel wrench

recommended by stickman i beleave ,Olympic Arms Armorers Wrench.

Best fit i have seen,very nice and cheap!
Link Posted: 3/20/2006 5:28:59 PM EST
Thanks guys

Please keep the information coming in.

Today I went from getting ready to shell out $320 to Bushmaster for their kit to just buying their upper reciever block for $42.

I want to be able to barrel my own uppers. I enjoy putting together the lowers and want to try my hand at putting an entire rifle together. I read FALARAK's excellent post and that did it for me. I already have a CMT upper and am waiting for Bushmaster (three weeks and counting) to send me an ultralite barrel assembly.

Gonna be fun!
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