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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/31/2003 5:06:04 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/31/2003 5:08:56 PM EST by 555R]
after running about 1000 rounds through the rifle to break it in and sight it in here is my review.
Bushmaster 25th Anniv Carbine, 16" chrome lined barrel, shot with both BUIS and Eotech 551 off sandbag on the Fobus Foregrip(not the best way)

Its pretty damn accurate...Not that I am a pro or anything but with some Wolf ammo while sighting it in at 25 meters I was getting 3 inch groups...I had been shooting shoot and see i think 1 or 2 inch dots to sight in and it grouped all around and in the dot
I had 10 round groups then checked the targets
that was wolf ammo
no problems at all.
My only complaint is that Wolf seems to be really inconsisten in their loads
Some rounds go KABAM and other go pffft

XM193 55g it loves and will be the main ammo i use.
all these went KABAM and a massive fireball that covered the whole window of my EOtech. HOT AMMO,also same groups if not better than 3 inches. at 50 yards the groups were bigger because I cant see the dots that far out.
at least I get them in the bigger targets though.
Overall I love the rifle and am shooting the hell out of it.
I think more fine tuning and maybe a better rear sight I can get tighter groups.
I guess the bling factor wont affect my choice of shooting this rifle
S&B 55g FMJ wasnt too bad groups were all over the place...I even had one that look liked it tumbled into the target sideways.
Last was UMC...decent ammo not hot at all but 4-5 inch groups
Overall no failures except that my 10 round bushmaster mag didnt always lock in???go figure

Ok this wasnt a real detailed scientific review but i dont see how wolf is a bad brand.
I even ran 6 mags as fast as I could fire to get the gun as hot as I can and no problems other than that awful wolf smell
and the gun did get dirty but nothing a bore smake cant clean and some CLP.
that sprayed the shoot and see silhouette quite nicely in the center. very swiss chees looking

Flame all you like but I will use XM193 for precision and wolf to sling lead

I will try some QM3131A once I can find some around here or just go mail order
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