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Posted: 3/18/2005 4:03:17 AM EST
I have a rifle (non AR) that seems to have the base mounting holes drilled slightly off center. I mounted the scope in Burris Sig rings as precisely as possible. Elevation was fine (eight clicks to get it right) but my wingage was @ 12 inches off. I was able to zero the rifle but had to crank the windage so far that the turret cap will not fully seat due to the turret being turned out almost as far as it would go.

Ordered a set of inserts that are supposed to correct this issue, but they set came with +/-.05, +/-.10 and +/-.20...one ring for each degree of offset. Question is, do I need two rings of the appropriate offset (one for front and one for rear ring) or can they be mixed and matched? I dont want to bend the scope tube which seems to be a possibility if both are not the same.

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Link Posted: 3/18/2005 4:12:40 AM EST
i have them on my 10/22 which ran out of elevation.

use whatever you fell needed. if your poi if far right then put one half -xx on the right side of the front and the other of the same amount on the left side of the rear.
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