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Posted: 12/25/2003 11:32:35 PM EDT
I've been tossing around the idea was building an ar from various parts.  I was looking through a few posts and I came to the conclusion, you could really get yourself in some trouble if you don't know the legality of the parts you are putting in.

Is there some website that CLEARLY (not all the legal jibberish) states what is okay and what's not on a post ban or pre-ban rifle.

I mean, I hear people talking about putting in an m16 bolt carrier, and a 14.5 inch barrel etc.  Isn't that a big no-no (the m16 bolt carrier especially) on a post ban.

But I also understand there are kind of two different sets of laws.  The first set about full autos, (National Firearms Act??), and then also the Assault Weapons Ban that deals more with flash suppressors, bayonet lugs, tele stocks, and all that good stuff.

I also have questions about registered M16s class three stuff.

I'd hate to have someone try to write all this junk out.  But if there was a website that spelled it out, that would be great.  


Link Posted: 12/26/2003 8:09:54 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/26/2003 8:21:05 AM EDT by _DR]
Check out the legal section on this forum, it has a lot of good info.

If you are building a postban you have to follow these rules, at least until September 2004 due to the AWB:

1. If your rifle will have a detachable magazine and is semiautomatic you can only have ONE of the following features or it becomes an illegal "Semiautomatic Assault weapon"

a) Pistol grip
b) flash hider
c} threaded muzzle
d) bayonet lug
e) folding or collapsible stock
f) grenade launcher device (such as the groove found on standard NATO flash hiders for rifle grenades - I am not referring to the 40mm M203 which is a Destructive Device {DD} and requires separate specific approval from BATF)

Most will choose the pistol grip as their one feature on a postban, but you can add a BATF approved thumb hanger if you must have one of the others.

2)In addition, the OAL (overall length} must be 26" and the OAL Barrel length from breech to tip of barrel (which can include permanently affixed muzzle devices such as brakes or comps) must be at least 16". This applies to Preban rifles as well and will not change if the AWB sunsets. This means you can have a 14.5" barrel as long as it has a permanently affixed muzzle device (such as using blind pin/weld method) and OAL is 16" or more. I have an 11.5" barrel on my preban, with 5.5" pinned flash hider, this is legal since it is 16" OAL.

M16 bolt carriers are a gray area you might want to avoid, and M16 fire control group parts are a definite no-no, you can't even own them without an NFA registered full auto receiver or you risk jail time.

Check out the M16-Full Auto section of this forum for NFA questions, there is an FAQ and a lot of good info.

Other than that, go for it and have fun.

you might also check out the build it yourself section on this forum.

Link Posted: 12/26/2003 9:48:16 AM EDT
Great, yes, i've looked through the "legal" documents before, and about the only stuff that was clear was the AWF rules.  What is this thumbhole thing you speak of, never heard of that.

The real curve is about the registered this and that and then we get into mixed m16 parts.

Thanks _DR

Link Posted: 12/26/2003 10:14:05 AM EDT
Yipper what they said. alot of the 14.5" barrels usually have a 1.5" muzzlebrake
Link Posted: 12/26/2003 1:52:58 PM EDT
Link Posted: 12/26/2003 2:31:25 PM EDT
Boy, I can see why these are not a popular mod [%|]. hehe.  A flash hider or a variable length stock would be nice, but not THAT nice.  

I guess just keep our fingers crossed until Sept. rolls around.   [+]:D]

Thanks for all the help.  I've gotten many answers already from all the suggestions.

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