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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 4/8/2006 4:39:22 PM EDT
I plan on taking this carbine to a number of classes, so here are the specs... see something you would exchange lemme know:

-LMT stripped upper (if I can't find one, I'll just use a CMT)
-Noveske 14.5'' Afgan Medium Profile bbl (standard one looks too heavy, light weight looks too flimsy)
-LaRue Tactical 12.0 rail (covers alot of the bbl, no hot bbl burning legs during transition drils, also I can rest the rifle on a baricade more effictively)
-LaRue Tacical Gas Block
-LMT rail mounted front site (Pat Rogers himself says the only reason to have a flip up front is for telescoping sights)
-Troy Rear Sight (tough as nails, and can be deployed really quickly, will clean up the sight picture a little bit)
-Fitted CMT bolt (comes from Noveske)
-No Idea on Carrier... thoughts?
-Knight's VFG

-LMT Complete lower w/ SOPMOD stock and 2-stage trigger (the trigger is really nice and there are no screws to affect realiability)
-KNS pins
-Mapgul Trigger Guard
-TangoDown Grip

Well, there it is, I've speced it out. The only real thing missing is the optic. I'm in a current struggle deciding between Aimpoint vs. EOtech... this might get harry. Also, I'm gonna need a Surefure light, so I'm currently looking around at options there. So whatcha think? Overcomplicated? Stupid? I wanna hear it before I could possibly waste some serious green. So guys who have attended courses and stuff like that, lemme know. One thing I'm kinda a stickler on is the rail. I really like the real estate and the fact that my legs won't get burned by a hot barrell. Lemme know guys.
Link Posted: 4/8/2006 4:42:23 PM EDT
Get the new carrier from Leitner-Wise, they have a really cool upgraded one now out. Sounds like an awsome build.
Link Posted: 4/9/2006 2:32:22 AM EDT
Wow, thats a dream set-up, gunner!

I cant wait to see it.

As for optics, you are asking the age-old question of Chevy/Ford, Colt/Bushmaster, Blonde/Brunette. Personally I'd go AGOG, but that's nearly $1,000, and you have already devoted around 2.

Not sure about the extra-long rail and LMT front sight, but those who use them like 'em , so it should work out. It would just take time for some to get used to something other than a std FSB.

Keep us posted, as it sounds like a killer custom job.

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