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Posted: 5/13/2004 12:50:31 PM EDT
Roughly how deep should I put the buffer tube into lower reciever? I have read that it just needs to be covering the edge of the retaining pin hole. So I guess you have to put your retianing pin assembly first right?

I just got my lower kit and I am a work twidling my thumbs waiting for 6:00. Any advise before I get started tonight? Of course I have the required tools. Puches and NO-marr hammer and a crescent for buffer tube.
Link Posted: 5/13/2004 1:56:16 PM EDT
Everything you need should be described here.

I just put mine together last night using those instruction and everything worked out fine. The buffer tube basically bottomed out on the flange at the right point.

Link Posted: 5/13/2004 4:14:52 PM EDT
Yes, put the spring and retainer pin in, push it down with your finger while you're holding the lower, and just screw the tube in until it covers the retainer pin...if you go too far, it will just tighten up against the retainer..you'll be able to feel that if you do it...back it off a little, and you're done.  

The only potentially tricky part is the front detent spring and detent...but it's a snap if you have the tool.  If not, you can get it done, but it's a little trickier.  Make sure you do it either in a plastic bag, or like I did...I put a towel in a box, and pointed the lower at the towel while I did it...so I was easily able to retrieve the parts the 4 times they launched .  I got it on the 5th try, I think.  

Depending on how tight the bolt hold opencatch roll pin is, it can be a little tricky hitting it hard enough to get started...so lube it up good when you go to install it.  A roll pin starter punch really comes in handy here.  

Other than that, the hardest part is identifying the springs.  With the Armalite kit I bought, the springs matched the AR15.com directions pefectly.  The Model 1 kits were a litte dicier...but you can't really screw it up too bad.  
Link Posted: 5/13/2004 5:13:11 PM EDT

and a crescent for buffer tube.

Just a bit of advise, don't use an adjustable wrench to tighten the buffer tube... They tend to open slightly as you tighten with them and it could slip on the nut, making an easy job a whole lot harder... If you don't have an armorers wrench, use a 5/8" open ended wrench...
Link Posted: 5/13/2004 6:04:38 PM EDT
Well, I am finished it only took me about 30 min. and most of that time was spent  front detent and spring for pivot pin. That was such a pain in the A$$ i can't believe I have to do it agian when I install my upper. I soon figured out that I could not get my buffer tube to deep. I did use a adjustable wrench and had no problems. I go it real tight.

Overall it was a really good expierence and easy (assembling my lower), but I did slightly marr my reciever near the bolt catch pin. It is small and not very noticable. I had to file my pivot pin slightly because it just was not going to fit. It is still a very tight fit though.

And I owe it all to AR15.com, hehehe I would have never tried had you guys not put me up to it. Next step: assembling the upper. I am going to have a AR smith to install the barrel and Delta ring assembly, check headspace etc. But I am going to assemble whats left forward assist, bolt carrier and bolt, then ejection port cover.
Link Posted: 5/14/2004 9:06:35 AM EDT
What about carbine stocks, do they go on the same way? Theres gonna be a lot of the collap. stocks put on when the ban sunsets.
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