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Posted: 8/6/2005 7:11:42 AM EDT
Any one have any thoughts on whether a broken loop that the buffer screws into can be safely repaired or do I scrap the reciever?

The loop cracked out the top of it due to a violent fall with the carbine stock winding up torqing the tube so violently that the top of the loop ripped off. hatI am so temped to do it and see what happens but if you all that are wiser than me tell me no way than to the cutter goes an expensive reciever.
Very Respectfully,
Link Posted: 8/6/2005 11:32:58 AM EDT
if it can be cheaply done then do it and see if it all still is square.

make sure the bolt group rides smoothly through it.

then use it for range purposes only. imo

Link Posted: 8/6/2005 11:15:55 PM EDT
New lower.

All the questions and good intent can be saved for another funeral, for someone elses partner/dad/ buddy/ husband.

Morality is the limit on the budget.
Or we are simply kidding ourselves.

Yes I will take a reprimand or firing over the same matter here.

I like to sleep at night when it is offered, and suspect the same from other folks.


Link Posted: 8/6/2005 11:21:11 PM EDT
$90 will buy a new Mega stripped lower. It would cost at least half that to weld up and you will never be sure about the results.
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 2:40:28 AM EDT
Yea, a new lower is in order here. And $90-$120 for a new lower is cheaper than what the reconstructive surgery would cost if those welds let go and you end up eating a bolt and carrier.

And $90-$120 for a new lower is in my opinion worth the peace of mind!
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 2:50:32 AM EDT
If the Mujahadeen AR15 worked, then im sure you can fix this lower. Not the safest, but it can be done. Mujahadeen AR
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