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Posted: 12/29/2012 7:43:15 AM EDT
Colt Socom 2 with daniel defense rail
eotech 512
magpul mags

I recently purchased a Colt socom 2 ar 15 cleaned it and took it to the range using winchester 5.56 rounds with fragible tips. The first 8 rounds fired fine and then click.
The round was still in the magazine and didnt feed. I changed the magazine same thing with some rounds tipped up into the chamber and jammed. After struggling through 90 rounds of single fire i took the gun home and cleaned it again. Did some research and went back to the range using 223 remington rounds. Same thing happened first
eight rounds and then click. I cleaned the barrel with a bore snake and got 5 rounds before another failure to feed. I spent the rest of the day bore snaking and getting 4-5 rounds of normal operation. The gun doesnt lock in the open position after the last round is fired. Ive checked everything on the forum for short stroking and nothing seems to be wrong. Am i missing something? The gun has only 150 rounds through it
Link Posted: 12/29/2012 8:36:58 AM EDT

Check the gas key screws, see if the front one is loose. I had a front one break and presented the same set of issues.

If it wont tighten then the screw is broken.

Just a thought.
Link Posted: 12/29/2012 9:21:26 AM EDT
Gas key is tight and staked
Link Posted: 12/29/2012 9:39:00 AM EDT
More lube on the body of the bolt and the bolt cam pin?
Link Posted: 12/29/2012 10:04:31 AM EDT
If, as you say, you have eliminated all possible short stroking issues caused by insufficient gas try pressing and holding down the bottom of the bolt stop before firing this time.

IF it locks back when doing this you either have: Weak or bad mag springs, sticky/dirty magazine followers, or a bolt catch spring that is to strong.

Link Posted: 12/29/2012 5:34:58 PM EDT
Any burrs in the buffer tube? How about burrs on the buffer hanging up on the spring? How does the carrier move in the upper?

Open the action, put your finger in the back of the carrier and work it back and forth to see if it's moving freely. Maybe you have something hanging up in your bolt/carrier.
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