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Posted: 5/8/2004 6:14:24 PM EST
I wanted to tkae the ejector out of my bolt last night. I wanted to measure the length of the chamber from the end of the throat to the bolt face. This will tell me the maximum allowable length for my brass.

How do I remove and replace the ejector?

How do I remove and replace the extractor?

I do not have a bolt disassembly tool.
Link Posted: 5/8/2004 8:00:04 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/9/2004 4:00:32 PM EST by Russ4777]
1. Remove the bolt from the bolt carrier. (Do you know how to do that?)
2. Using your firing pin as a tool or a 1/16" diameter drift punch, slide out the extractor pin. It helps to press the rear of the extractor inward slightly with your thumb to relieve the spring pressure.
3. Now the trickier part....the ejector and its spring are held in place in the bolt by a roll pin that passes laterally through a slot or reduced diameter section in the ejector pin. Using the same drift punch as above, drive out the roll pin without withdrawing the drift punch until the roll pin falls free of the bolt. Your drift punch is now holding the ejector in the bolt.
4. While slightly depressing the ejector with your free third hand (LOL), pull the punch out and release the spring pressure on the ejector carefully. It won't really fly across the room if you slip, but will pop out of the bolt so be prepared to "capture" it.
5. Reverse the above procedure being careful to press in the ejector slightly so its retaining roll pin passes back through the milling down portion once again.

Download a copy of the TM from Biggerhammer.com and read it over and over until you are very familiar with the mechanisms of your rifle.
Link Posted: 5/8/2004 9:10:50 PM EST
Got it, thanks. Sounds quite simple, really.

P.S. - yes, I know how to remove the bolt from the carrier. lol
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 5:42:29 AM EST
First off, NEVER use your firing pin for anything other than it's intended use.

Once your bolt is removed, wrap it carefully in an old rag and position it in a vise.

You'll need a friend to help, IMO, but using a spent round (just the brass) insert the brass/round into the bolt and USE IT to compress the ejector.

Secondly, with ejector compressed, have friend tap the ejector capture pin toward the bottom of the bolt using the properly sized punch (IIRC 1/16"), note: it is NOT necessary to completely remove the pin, as the ejector and spring will come out with completely removing the capture pin, and reinstallation of ejector spring and ejector is easier with less chance of damage to the pin.

FWIW, unless your potty training your AR, (tuning the ejector spring to drop your ejected rounds in a more consistent/specific place for retrieval) or having some FTE problems it's not necessary to remove the ejector and spring for normal maintenence.

While it is true that alot of things on your AR15 can be adjusted by using the tip of a standard M193 round, NEVER use your firing pin as a tool, as this can lead to serious problems should you accidently reform the tip of it by mis-use.

Also, it's a good idea to never work on any of these items/parts, unless you have your Field Repair or Spare Parts kit handy if your seeking to modify an existing part (as mentioned above "potty-training" involves clipping a couple rounds off the ejector spring to facilitate a changed ejection pattern) it's always best to save the stock part and modify the similar part from your kit, that way you'll have the oringinal for replacement "JUST IN CASE" things don't work out as planned. Infact given the learning curve on dis-assembly it's wise to have replacement parts prior to the start of work, handy lest ya bend or damage an exiting spring or pin upon removal, shit happens don'tcha know.

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